Not one pirate treasure cake, but two

Please welcome my college friend Sarah, mother of about-to-be-four twin boys. She’s here with her gorgeous photos for Best Shot Monday and for a little party-planning therapy.

* * *

Hi, my name is Sarah and I’m a kids’ birthday party planning addict. Honestly, I don’t plan to throw a crazy complicated and over-the-top party each year. In fact, I usually announce in the wake of my twin boys’ birthday party that I am DONE. That, next year, the kids are going to have to be happy with cake and a pizza at home with family and that’s IT. But I always give in and I always get in way over my head.

Case in point: this year, I’m wanting to try to make their birthday cake myself. Worse still, it’s a pirate-themed party and I keep lingering over photos of a treasure chest birthday cake, thinking “it really would be so fabulous to make that” even while the remaining sane part of my brain is shrieking, “what is WRONG with you? Just call the bakery like you always do!”

Let’s look back for a moment.

First birthday party: we had a shrimp boil. The boys both got a little scared when we sang happy birthday to them, and just as they got their cake, it started pouring down rain, making it even more unbearably humid (we live in Mississippi, so really, we know unbearable humidity here).

Second birthday party: Meant to be “just family” but it, um, got out of hand. Plus one of the boys had a massive allergic reaction to a bugbite on or near an eyelid, causing him to look just like Rocky and I do not exaggerate one single bit about this. So those are some charming photos.
Third birthday party: actually quite fun, we had a luau at a candy shop, but we overlooked the sugar high thing and as a result, I am pretty sure we are the reason the candy shop instituted new rules for having birthday parties on-site.

So now we’re gearing up for their fourth birthday party. And, like a fool, I’m back in the saddle. I’ve mailed out the invitations, ordered up a mess of stuff from Oriental Trading Company, and spent an entire weekend downloading Pirate-ish fonts just for the thank you notes. Oh, plus the aforementioned treasure chest birthday cake thing (seriously, y’all, I have been test baking layer cakes for a few weeks to see if I might could actually manage it.).

In my defense, I would like to point out that a book I recently read about the emotional development and well-being of twins strongly recommends giving twins individual birthday parties, and I literally put the book down and laughed for an hour straight. I’m SO not falling for that. Though, perhaps I will make each of the boys a birthday cake. Which, if you’re keeping count, would mean now I may be making two treasure chest birthday cakes.

When Sarah isn’t busy chasing twin boys and planning parties, she is busy dreaming up creative new designs for her shop, Miniblisscakes.

For more Best Shot Monday, head over to Slurping Life, where Melody is guest hosting Best Shot Monday while Tracey is on vacation. I know, so complicated, all this guest stuff. Work with me here.


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10 Responses to “Not one pirate treasure cake, but two”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Anna, I know you’re on glorious glorious vacation right now, but I wanted to let y’all know that while I am still hell-bent on making the boys’ two cakes, my husband has persuaded me to get the main cake from a local fabulous bakery. Something about how they won’t shriek at him while baking the cakes? 😉

  2. amy Flood Says:

    my oldest just turned 3 and we had a pirate party too. i found a cute design online for a kid-like pirate face complete with eye patch and red bandana. it was not my best work, but the kids liked it. Michael’s craft store’s have foam eye patches and foam pirate hats and i got some gold foam poster board and cut out swords. the kids loved it! good luck with your party.

  3. Bunny Says:

    How fun: two at 4! ANd such neat shots.

  4. Tanya Says:

    Totally love the fence shot 🙂

  5. Christina Says:

    My sister has twin girls, just turned three! She did make them seperate cakes this year – but kept it simple with big falt cookie-cakes. 🙂
    Love the pic of the boys peeking through the fence!

  6. Heather719 Says:

    Long time lurker..think I’ve posted twice.

    However, I have to say hi to Phen! Imagine my surprise at seeing two of my most favorite twins on one of my favorite blogs to visit! 🙂 I had to make sure I was on the site I thought I was!

    As for the two party thing?! OMG..can you imagine how A or T would react to that?! A great idea for when they are older- but now? I think not.


  7. Sara Says:

    More is more when it comes to pirate treasure cakes! Good luck with the party, the pirate font and the boys. The pictures are beautiful!

  8. Allie Says:

    Oh, my, Gosh. That fence shot is priceless!

  9. melody is Slurping Life Says:

    That fence shot is absolutely little boy and precious.

    You can plan my parties anytime.

  10. JenBun Says:

    There are always great pics here, from Anna and now from her guest poster!

    That party sounds FUN!!! Good luck! 😀

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