Cows and Cones

I have about 597 Maine photos I could be posting today, but summer keeps rolling on and I loved these photos of boys and ice cream from last Friday, taken at a new local farm stand/farm/dairy bar. Animals galore, beautiful farm scenery, a lovely shaded place to sit and very good ice cream. Locals? I highly recommend, ask me for the 411.

Not pictured: the swim that immediately followed this ice cream outing.

Well, HELLO, ice cream, where have you been all my life?

Must eat quickly. Must not look up or breathe in between bites.

No WAY am I sharing this with my little brother or anyone else. No WAY.

Little does Will know he already did share—a scoop out of his into Henry’s empty cone…

So the toddlers (mysteriously replaced here by these hip, vacationing dudes) stayed neat and clean while the ALMOST four-year-old had to ditch the shirt after ice cream. How does that work?

Dude! Enough with the cows. Isn’t there a casino around here someplace?


When faced with an outing like this, particularly when the child/adult ratio is not favorable to adults? Forego your dreams of licking and savoring a scoop of mint chocolate chip or that sundae you’ve had on your mind.

No, I say cut your losses and GET YOURSELF A MILKSHAKE. Even when it gets a little melty, because you’ve just had to spend precious minutes away from your ice cream to strip down and hose off a child, you still have a sweet, delicious treat waiting for you when you return, almost entirely uncompromised, and it won’t spill or melt down your arm. You know, the one you’re using to pry them off the cow fence.

This strategy almost always works perfectly.

For more Best Shot Monday and perhaps more messy boys headover to Tracy’s for the full Best Shot Monday roundup.


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28 Responses to “Cows and Cones”

  1. megan Says:

    oh that melty ice cream — a kid’s dream! your shots captured the outing perfectly!

  2. chaotic joy Says:

    Gorgeous pics.

  3. Tanya Says:

    Is he actually MOLDING his chocolate ice cream with his hand?!?! Ohhhh I want a boy!
    great shots!

  4. Stephanie Says:

    Those are priceless! Little boys just dig in wholeheartedly to whatever they’re doing, don’t they?

  5. B. Says:


  6. JenBun Says:

    Mmm… milkshake…

    Those pics are GREAT! And they would need to go swimming after all that… Will is a chocolate monster! 🙂

  7. Elaine Says:

    Those are some cute, messy boys!! I love the one of them all hanging on the gate! Cute!

  8. Maria Says:

    Am I forgiven for the outfits? Those shirts illustrate to me that there’s a fine line between “I’m on vacation- casual beach-going dude” attire and “I’m looking for some slot machines and forgot my gold chains”….You do have my permission to never let Henry wear that again , if you choose! 🙂

  9. Melissa Says:

    I adore the one of the three of them on the fence. That to me is what childhood is all about.

  10. NTE Says:

    This is a great post – from the evocative pix, to the wonderful advice, it’s just perfect. It looks like a wonderful outing, and I hope you had a great time. That one of the three of them on the fence? Priceless.

  11. Jaimee Says:

    What an awesome series!!! My favorite is the one of the three toddlers on the fence…now that is a perfect shot!!!

  12. kim Says:

    Nothing says summer like kids with ice cream. Gotta love those sweet ice cream faces. 🙂

  13. libound Says:

    Dairy Delightful! Can we go there soon?! I can help with your ratios!

  14. Maggie Says:

    YUM! I love the one of the toddlers on the fence (SO HANDSOME) but I don’t think that anything is better than the mess Will made enjoying that summer treat!

  15. Sara Says:

    Beautiful pictures! A perfect reminder of what summer is all about.

  16. sdh Says:

    Tommy is getting so big! They are all adorable, I love the tourist Hawaiian shirts.

  17. sdh Says:

    also, if it has ice cream in it, it’s called a Frappe. 😉

  18. Christina Says:

    The very best part is your captions. And that’s saying a lot, as the pictures are some of the best and funniest I’ve see. Especially #2. Will sure is a kid that knows how to enjoy himself.

  19. carrievoris Says:

    That is a fantastic series – great photos and words!

  20. katy Says:

    In the 2nd picture, is that a young Patrick Swayze (or was it Demi Moore?) auditioning for the pottery scene in “Ghost?”

  21. Sarah Says:

    I go for a diet dr. pepper with vanilla added at Sonic when the boys get ice cream, but somehow they still manage to make off with my drink when their ice cream is gone! Got a parenting tip for THAT???

    p.s. I posted photos of the end results of the pirate birthday cakes in the boys’ blog!

  22. elizabethews Says:

    I’m a local! I’ll take the info!

    Amazing photos….as always. Especially the 3 on the fence.

    If you’re from RI, a milkshake is called a cabinet. I have not idea the reasoning… just thought I’d share.

  23. The Casual Perfectionist Says:

    Those are great pictures!!

  24. Maya Says:

    Very good parenting tip there! I love that he had to ditch his shirt. Wish it was that easy for us sometimes when we spill stuff! Ha!

  25. laura Says:

    Love the pics and the tip about the milkshake!!!

  26. thelandofka Says:

    Oh, love this set! Ice cream is a kids idea of Nirvana isn’t it??

  27. Kath Says:

    oh my, those blue shirts …. am melting like the ice cream!

  28. Rich & Linda Says:

    Gotta say the pic of the 3 standing on the gate is our favorite!
    Thanks for visiting, it looks like the outing was a fun day for all.

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