Four-Year-Olds DO Nap!

What I saw in the back of my car after a morning of berry picking and ice cream eating last week. Black raspberry ice cream, though you probably guessed that already.

Dear Friend of Will Who Told Him That He Doesn’t Need to Take Naps Anymore Now That He Is Four,

A) Not true

B) You are wrong

C) Careful what you say to him, or you and I might be having a VERY FRANK discussion about the Man in Red With the Bag.

I’m just saying.


Will’s mom

*   *    *

On an ENTIRELY different topic, you can also find me at, writing about (what else) food, photos and family. Though my posts will have a decidedly familiar air to many of you, (I believe in recycling!) you’ll find a lot of helpful and interesting original writing, general information, reviews (and giveaways!) for kids and families plus a TON of info on events for kids in southern New England. Come over and say hello!


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15 Responses to “Four-Year-Olds DO Nap!”

  1. Rush Says:

    Best shot Thursday? I love it!

  2. MelodyA. Says:

    Hey,my 7 year old took a nap yesterday! Don’t give up hope.

  3. Mary Says:

    Grant, just three months younger than Will, hasn’t napped since he was 22 months. But thankfully at nearly 2 1/2 Scott doesn’t hate me and would nap three hours a day if he could. The photo is too precious.

  4. Sara Says:

    I love the blueberry stains on both of their little mouths! I can see they performed very thorough testing of the fruit as they picked. A truly beautiful picture.

  5. katy Says:

    your kids are lovely. i love turning back in the car and seeing both kids asleep. it is one of the nicest times in the summer. what a good feeling. and you really captured it!

  6. Crystal D Says:

    Oh yes they DO! Now, Madeline only goes to sleep about half of the time she “takes a rest.” But I think just laying there does her body just as much good. And put her in a car after a full morning, and yep it will work every time!
    I have also started considering if it was too early to start threatening with Santa. LOL

  7. Sarah G now B Says:

    We had a somewhat similar view last Sunday: 3 year old boy and a four month old puppy sound asleep next to each other. 🙂

  8. carrievoris Says:

    pure BLISS.
    i had a 5-year old nap the other day, too…they are just so far and few in between now, even for my 3-year old. *sigh*

  9. JenBun Says:

    I love naps!

    27 year olds need naps too. It’s a fact. 😀

  10. amy Flood Says:

    how lucky! apparently 3 year olds don’t nap either although i could still use one every day!

  11. Christina Says:

    Yahoo! I think that image right there just might be the sweetest one EVER to every mother out there.

    And look at you with a new writing gig! Awesome! Too bad the site doesn’t apply for Texas, too…

  12. phyllis Says:

    lol – everyone naps because mommy says they do….at least that was the argument until he turned 6.

  13. Toonsis Says:

    Hey, VERY FRANK discussion about the Man in Red With the Bag with little ones is not fair! That is just dirty play… and as for naps well I have a 40 something little one who loves naps! I believe they are called POWER NAPS when he gets older! Love the photo and the new site.
    Where do you find the time? You are my idle! Kudos Anna!

  14. Maya Says:

    His friend should be punished who is telling him he doesn’t need naps! Love the black raspberry ice cream on their faces!

  15. AML Says:

    I think this was taken only moments after seeing you in Mystic! The boys looked like they were about to do just what you captured in this pic…so sweet.

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