Test Pattern Here/

Day eight of DSL interruption at Hank & Willie HQ.

We’ll be back next week, even if we have to MOVE to get better Internet service. Sigh.


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5 Responses to “Test Pattern Here/”

  1. Christina Says:

    Oh no! That’s like a nightmare come to life!!!

  2. Toonsis Says:

    We’ll miss you! Good luck…Darn that DSL ,Darn them all!

  3. Midwest Mommy Says:

    First time here today…I browsed around and I just love your pics!
    Good luck with the internet!

  4. Michelle Says:

    Sorry to hear about the DSL interruption – I think I’d lose my mind! The Youth Track meets are at Narragansett High School – tonight is the last one (6 – 8pm, if you don’t have any other plans!). They’re fantastic – organized by the running club that I run with occasionally, and so well-done. The boys absolutely LOVE them! I’ll be sure to let you know next year when they start up, if you’re interested. We’ve never been to Burlingame, but we’re supposed to go in a couple of weeks with the Moms club. I’d love to meet up somewhere like that, though. Let me know anytime you’re interested : )

  5. Sarah Says:

    See, that is when I load the kids into the car and we sit at the coffee shop for days on end. They get hot chocolate (nutjobs love hot chocolate in the summer) and I get free wireless. Ahhhh. Good times.

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