Apologies if you came back here looking for pretty pictures

Believe me, Henry, I wanted to cry, too! Yes, that is what you think it is on the crib rail.

I would start this by saying there are no words to describe what I just experienced, but then that wouldn’t be much of a post. So I will say that the poo-bacle last winter was nothing compared to what happened today.

(Parents-to-be and anyone who ever wants to eat chocolate again, stop reading now.)

Henry was napping, and started fussing, LONG before he should have been awake. I ignored it, and figured I’d let him try to got back to sleep on his own.

He didn’t, so I went upstairs to his room. Besides the tears, the real first clue that something was wrong was when I walked in and he HANDED ME A POOPY DIAPER.


Do you really need me to go on?

I immediately left the room and returned with a camera and took MANY photos before I cringed, put him in the bathtub and then wiped poop off, well, everything. And then took more photos of him in the tub before I washed him down.

Because he is going to get reminded about this for the REST OF MY LIFE.

P.S. I am being kind to you, dear readers. It was SO MUCH WORSE than it looks here. I’m just not showing you the close-ups. You can thank me later.


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14 Responses to “Apologies if you came back here looking for pretty pictures”

  1. Molly Says:

    OMG. I just finished eating chocolate. Thank god.


  2. Sara Says:

    Who needs birth control when you have stories like these? Seriously, you should circulate those pictures through every high school in the country.

    That being said… even cover in poo your little boy is adorable!

  3. sdh Says:

    he looks so sad.

  4. katherine Says:

    can someone tell me why a story about your child pooping in bed generated a “possibly related” story about Steve Spurrier Press Conference Quotes??

    As they say… poop happens.

  5. carrievoris Says:

    you have been christened…again. i think every parent has to have one of these stories (i have a few more than one, unfortunately!) LOVE that you went and got the camera, first! he does look a little sorry that he put you through it though – that counts for something, right?

  6. renee Says:

    god bless my first one…he never tried to take off his own diaper. but the flip side is at 4 he still wants Mom to help in the bathroom. I guess you can’t win. we will see what number two brings. thus far at 14 months no attempts yet. we will keep our fingers crossed!

  7. Rush Says:

    note to self: stock baby changing table with duct tape, zip ties, and fast curing epoxy.


  8. crunchy domestic goddess Says:

    awww, poor henry and poor you. and LOL that your first reaction is to grab your camera. 🙂

  9. B. Says:

    It is great that he is so curious…

  10. Christina Says:

    You know what’s a sure sign I’m a real mother? This hardly even phases me. Yep, BTDT! Love it that you ran for the camera!

  11. Maya Says:

    OH NO!!! I am waiting for this day in our house to arrive. Why most they play in their poop? I love that you grabbed your camera!

  12. JenBun Says:

    Hmmm… pretty glad that I read the last one and THEN this one… I think my baby-having urges are on hold for awhile…

  13. Jill Davidson Says:

    no joke about the duct tape. I also have a Henry, age 2 and a half, and before every nap and every bedtime, his diaper gets locked down with a big piece of duct tape. this was not preventative but reactive after way too many incident such as your Henry’s illustrated above. try it, esp. if you love your sanity.

  14. thelandofka Says:

    Well, how about I thank you right now?? 😉 I am just going to brag right here and say that my kids never did this to me. They did plenty of other things, but having me clean up poop is not one of them. I’m sure karma will get me back eventually…

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