Theme Thursday: Multiple Multiples

This week’s Theme Thursday theme over at photographer Stacy’s is MULTIPLE and I just had to participate since I had a ready-made entry—these fantastic triplet boys, taken way back in March when they were just weeks old. Now, of course, these handsome fellas are so grown up they are practically ready to drive and go to the prom.

I think these are new shots to the H & W world—I held back on some until Mom & Dad had chosen for their birth announcement. And if they aren’t new? Who can’t gaze in wonder at newborn triplet boys again?

If anyone local knows of twins or trips on the way, let me know, I would LOVE the chance to get some practice working with multiples again. Double or triple the fun, for sure!

For more interpretations of multiple, click over to Theme Thursday.


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15 Responses to “Theme Thursday: Multiple Multiples”

  1. MelodyA. Says:

    Oh, goodness. Yummy.

  2. thelandofka Says:

    That right there is cuteness overload! Thanks for sharing these again. I think my favorite is the one with all their binkies in their little mouths. So cute!

  3. Molly Says:

    So, how soon do you think is too soon to start bugging Michael…?

  4. libound Says:

    Oh delicious boys! They look like candy all lined up like that. Amily & Tyler are the craziest, luckiest parents.

  5. Amily Says:

    Anna — thank you! The little guys rarely sit still anymore for pictures…BUT they do have gigantic smiles and lots of laughter all the time now. You can come practice ANYTIME with our crew!!! xoxox

  6. golightly Says:

    Fantastic! They are just too much! I have a close friend that has triplets, but I don’t have any new pictures of them right now.

    These are wonderful.

  7. Maggie Says:

    Oh I could just eat them up – they are so cute! These photos are wonderful!

  8. itsallabouthallie Says:

    I cannot tell you how much i love to see pictures of multiples! being a mom of twins it is awesome! they grow so fast! Mine are no longer babies and i have to tell you i have loved every stage they have gone through! keeps me on my toes! if you ever need older twins to practice with my are always up for grabs! 🙂

  9. Ashley Says:

    If only we lived a little closer…my little ones would give you lots of practice. You will just have to send your tips to me.

  10. Christina Says:

    Ooooh, this is just TOO much! I’m thrilled to see these handsome little men again – but we need some new pics, too! I adore the bows picture, and I can’t believe how you rocked that session. Remind me why you haven’t gone pro??

  11. JenBun Says:

    Triple the adorableness, for sure! 🙂

  12. Maya Says:

    That bow one is one of my favorite baby shots ever! How you got them all exactly positioned is so amazing!

  13. Sarah Says:

    It kills me that I didn’t have a DSLR when my boys were newborns!

  14. Amy Flood Says:

    Anna, come on over and take some photos! i’m dying to see how you will get 3 little mokeys to sit still and for the oldest not to make a forced smile and say cheese.

  15. pyjammy Says:

    aw! wish you lived near me! i could help you get experience. i had pro pics taken of my boys when they were about a month old, so i can’t complain too much. having more taken of them on saturday (they’re now 10 months old.) at least at a month old they couldn’t crawl around…sigh…

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