Go ahead. Don’t vote.

Unless you care about things like, oh, the economy, our environment and global climate change, civil rights, health care, Social Security, the war, the future of the Supreme Court, women’s rights, rising fuel prices, the future of clean energy, gay rights and education. If you do care, then you might want to vote.

Leonardo and friends say it loud with their reminder to register and vote. Today is the last day to register in several states, including my neighboring Rhode Island.

Looking for the voter registration deadline in your state? Click here.

Then go register. Unless you don’t care, of course.


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3 Responses to “Go ahead. Don’t vote.”

  1. ChiaLynn Says:

    Anna, ever since I started reading your blog, I’ve found more and more reasons to like you. Today, I can honestly say I’m proud to know you. Thanks for this.

  2. B, Says:

    Thanks Anna and Leonardo!

  3. JenBun Says:

    Rock the vote, Anna! 🙂

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