Why I love Facebook

Because when I got to my desk this morning, I had a message saying a dear high school friend of mine had tagged me in a photo. And this is what I saw when I clicked through.

OMG the glasses. OMG.

Apparently I needed a major fashion intervention way back in 1989. And a harness to support the wingspan of my glasses.


Thanks for the laugh, Lucia!

I DARE the rest of you to find something else like this and post it. And leave it in the comments for me to see. Because NO ONE had glasses like this.

Edited to add:

P.S. Can you make out the person wearing “topsiders” on the background? The 80s left their mark on us all.


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26 Responses to “Why I love Facebook”

  1. Amily Says:

    HA! I had glasses like yours, only in red and another pair in green. I will have to hunt for a photo to share (someday). And my dad and brother shared in the gigantic glasses phase too – our family photos were totally awesome. I heart FB too.

  2. Princess Extraordinaire Says:

    How funny, I just posted something like this and I found my old high school friend and it was great! Love the glasses and the hair!

  3. Rusharound Says:

    Anna –
    Great shot! I’m glad you have the confidence to share that with the world! Thanks!

  4. sdh Says:

    i will try to find a picture of my hot pink Esprit glasses from 5th grade. they were bifocals even!

  5. Maria Says:

    I heard the wide-frames are coming back….you rock.

  6. applecyder Says:

    But your brow is so well groomed!

    I had to have orange glasses to match my orange hair. Horror show! (You have reminded me of yet another reason why it is a good thing that I deactivated my FB account. My top three = Scary photos from the past, the time suck factor, and potential viruses.)

  7. ChiaLynn Says:

    I know I had ginormous glasses, but I don’t know if there are any pictures. There IS, however, this picture of one of my ginormous perms, along with my gigantically sparkly earrings and hugely cowl-necked sweater. 1985, anyone?
    Chia, v.1985

    And if you haven’t already seen it, the Literal Tears for Fears “Head Over Heels” video is well worth watching. There’s a giant glasses reference:

  8. Anna Says:

    applecyder–you know how to make a girl feel good! That is completely natural–never heard of a tweezer until at least college. Also apparently never heard of hair product or blowdryers. Chia–no fair–you look cute even in perm, earrings and cowl neck!

  9. JC Says:

    Anna – I cant top this photo, but I can get you a photo of me in comparable sized glasses.

    Keep your eyes on my blog tomorrow.

    Do you mind if I use your foto also and we can do a compare contrast?

  10. Anna Says:

    JC OF COURSE!!! Can’t wait to see it.

  11. MelodyA. Says:

    I have to say that I was way ahead of you as I had those glasses when I was in middle school. That pic of you looks like maybe, what, last year?

  12. Kate Says:

    Is it the light or are you wearing FROSTED eyeshadow also??

  13. itsallabouthallie Says:

    OH I love love this picture! I will have to dig around for a picture of me with big glasses! At one time I even had my intials on the glasses and tinted!! OMG the 80s were so bad! but so good, my next door neighbor’s daughter is dressing up as someone from the 80s!

  14. ChiaLynn Says:

    Aw, thank you, Anna. I think I still have one of those earrings. Or at least PART of one of those earrings, and some vague plan to incorporate it into something else.

  15. Maggie Says:

    Ha ha ha! That is totally awesome.

    I will find a total gem to post on Friday. And I was the ugliest child ever, so there are plenty of frightening photos to pick from, I promise!

  16. Mike Says:

    Three things:

    1) My mom also had these glasses in the heart of the 80’s. This is not intended to make you feel better, per se, simply to point out that it was, in fact, a THING that was DONE. Fear not. Sporting the de rigeur Polo, at the time you were the height of preppy hotness.

    2) All the young chicas currently running around in those absurdly large Paris Hilton sunglasses will have these same photos to look back on in 15-20 years, and they will cringe in precisely the same way you cringe today.

    3) Wearing Topsiders is one thing. Wearing them with shorts and socks is something else entirely.

  17. Mike Says:

    Those are my glasses. Don’t believe it, I will prove it to you.

  18. Blast from the past « Hallie’s Place Says:

    […] carrot smoothie and a shot of wheatgrass Blast from the past October 30, 2008 Well Anna has challenged me again!  Phew first it was jumping in the house on the couch! Now it is who has the biggest […]

  19. itsallabouthallie Says:

    Okay I have taken the challenge!! Check out my glasses!

  20. libound Says:

    You are a forerunner – clearly “striking a pose” long before Madonna made it fashionable. I think you were on the cutting edge with the glasses too!

  21. Chelle Says:

    Saw Mikie’s proof. He did indeed have those glasses. I’m digging around for my 80s shocker photo. Still need to find the one of me in leather pants from the 80s… OMG !!!

  22. Maya Says:

    Oh don’t you love Facebook! That is one classy classy photo of you! I think you should use it as your profile pic! 🙂

  23. crunchy domestic goddess (amy) Says:

    oh believe me when i tell you i had some god-awful glasses while growing up too. seriously. what was up w/ those glasses that were bigger than our face???

  24. Alice Says:

    Anna: Sadly I am STILL sporting that look!

  25. golightly Says:

    I think I still have my big glasses from that era! And, oh how I loved my penny loafers!

  26. maile Says:

    that is hilarious! i had the same ones in sparkly blue…hotttie tottties we were!!! hahaha

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