Because I had nothing else to do

My husband and I discovered tonight, and this is one of those moments we’ll look back and laugh about someday when watching TV on your computer is commonplace, like next week.

“Honey! Come quick! I’m watching this here teevee on the computer–see, you press the button, like dat and you watch a teevee show!”

Before you fill my comment mailbox telling me this isn’t EXACTLY new, I KNOW you can download shows from iTunes or stream them on network sites and YouTube. But this is different. Clearly someone was listening last year when I wrote about our favorite reruns during last November’s writer’s strike.

Because now? I can watch a show I missed last week (SNL Election Special) or I can watch a show that I last watched in 1984 (Square Pegs) while sitting next to my sister in our flannel nightgowns, looking like this.


I can watch this and this. (I can’t figure out how to embed. But worth clicking on.)

If they ever get Moonlighting, I’m completely finished.

How about you? What are you going to watch on as soon as you finish commenting here?

Got to go, I have a date with Sonny Crockett.

(Only click if you want to hear the Miami Vice theme song. I do!)


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11 Responses to “Because I had nothing else to do”

  1. Crystal D Says:

    Ooooohhhhhh. Hulu could be quite a black hole for me. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Sara Says:

    Oh, Scarecrow and Mrs. King…WHEN will this come out on a DVD set and why do I love it?

  3. ChiaLynn Says:

    I’ve already watched Seasons 1 and 2 of The Dick Van Dyke Show, and all three seasons (or, really, two and a half) of Arrested Development, plus Hercules in New York, Xanadu, and some travel and cooking shows.

    Want me to tell you something really evil? In Windows, if you click “Pop Out,” and resize that window to something that will dock nicely in the corner of your screen, you can use DeskPins to keep that window always on top, so you can watch TV while you work. (I find this works with comedies and travel documentaries, but not so well with dramas. Also, I’m sure there’s a way to do something similar on a Mac. And if you’re using Ubuntu Linux, you can right-click on any window and tell it to stay “Always on Top.”)

  4. Princess Extraordinaire Says:

    I love this – I had no idea..I am going to watch The Love Boat….it was one of my favorite shows whwn I was younger…

  5. MelodyA. Says:

    I’ve farther behind than you because I had never heard of it. Thanks for the next distraction.

  6. sdh Says:

    when i had horrible “morning” sickness this summer and didn’t want to get off the couch, i watched many episodes of Love Boat and the first 2 seasons of the original Beverly Hills 90210!

  7. Elizabeth Says:

    As you discovered hulu, I discovered Equally as much of a problem. However, it came in handy on Thursday & Friday of last week when I was stuck at work “babysitting” a 1000 college kids until 1 AM.

  8. B. Says:

    I love watching Emergency!…esp. at work.
    It is work related, isn’t it? Kind of like continuing education classes.
    (Johhny) “He’s tachy with abnormal P waves”
    (Nurse Dixie McCall) “Johnny, send me the strip”
    (Johnny) “No Pulse. I’ve lost a rhythm. Stand Clear!”

  9. AML Says:

    Anna. Our. friendship. is. over. At least until I finish watching the next episode of Miami Vice. I am SO searching the internet until I find something that will use up as much of your productive time as this one did for me. Wait until my mom finds out that she can watch Emergency on her computer…

  10. JenBun Says:

    I’m going to go watch every episode of Saved by the Bell, ever! Again! For the millionth time!

    Actually, I haven’t watched TV in almost a week now, and I have too much catching up to do…

  11. hgray Says:

    And let’s not forget Mr. Steele:

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