Food Friday: Shop at Etsy!

Please, like you’re cooking anything besides two slices of toast for your turkey sandwich today. You don’t need a recipe today, you need advice on how to make your holiday shopping experience as relaxing and rewarding as possible.

So go make that sandwich, giggle at the idea of being on a long, aggravating line at Best Buy, put a log on the fire and flex your index finger— there is some amazing handmade wonderfulness out there in Etsyland. If your goal is to keep this holiday season as simple as possible, buying handmade is a great place to start.

* * *


I love this seatbelt bag by Interrobang, available here for $58. Yes, those are real seatbelts. This bag is tough as nails.

A H&W reader suggested PDX Beanies, with gems like this one.


Every parent with a camera needs to know about this shop. Was that a PDX Beanie that Hannah was wearing at our shoot?

This same parent suggested Superflykidz for superhero capes, but the creative whiz behind the capes seems to be very backlogged. Handy with a sewing machine? Get in the business of making capes. Superflykidz is making 50 a day and can’t keep up!

Another friend suggested the delicious JC Handmade, with tons of goodies. I wish these were for sale, not just a pattern and tutorial—a child’s coloring wallet!


My boys would carry these all over the house, much like the sequined purses they often use to carry their cars. 🙂


If you know anyone with a teeny weeny at home, or someone who is expecting one (or more!), you might want to know about Kaya’s Kloset–home to handmade soft-soled shoes for babies. SIGH. So sad we are past that stage at our house.


I’ll take these from Linda Trent Jewelery. Which ones do you like?


And I have a new favorite place for kid shirts: Jackopotamus. Check their website for even more neato styles.


I love applique t-shirts for kids, and this onesie is no exception, from WideEyedMusings. Oh, and silkscreened ones, too, like this airplane from MyLittleDear.


If your cell phone or iPod or iPhone needs something cozy wrapped around it, I’d pick this little cutie. Janine King’s shop has bags of all sizes, in amazing fabrics.


I can’t get enough of the offerings at SmallTownToys on etsy, especially this little wooden orange car. I can think of about 40 little ones that need this exact car.


Despite my affection for things digital, I love gorgeous paper, stationery and invites. With all these lovely gifts, you’ll need these letterpress (be still my heart) cards from Smockpaper for thank yous.


This just scratches the surface of the amazing etsy community. I’m anxious to hear what you’re finding on –or elsewhere if you’ve got some good deals to share. For editor’s picks at etsy updated regularly, go to (where else) the etsy blog!

Happy shopping!


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5 Responses to “Food Friday: Shop at Etsy!”

  1. Christina Says:

    Anna, stop doing this to me!! I can’t afford all these treasures, and yet that seatbelt bag – TOO cool, I must get one!!

  2. Molly Says:

    Did you meet Johanna — creater of Kaya’s Closet — at the wedding? I’ve known her since I was a baby!

  3. Johanna Says:

    Etsy is fabulous! I get a lot of gifts and gift inspiration from all of the amazing crafters and artists there.

    Thanks for mentioning my little baby shoes. I now make them in bigger toddler slippers too up to age 4! As my daughter Kaya (and her friends) grow, the shoe size offerings do too. 🙂

  4. Maria Says:

    Anna, I can personally highly recommend the seatbelt bag….I have it in “champagne” color , and love it….Plus it’s fun for me to be a walking example of what i tell all my E.R. patients that have been in car accidents. “WEAR YOUR SEATBELT”…. 🙂

  5. JenBun Says:

    Wow, those are some great ideas for gifts, too!

    I LOVE that baby beanie!!!

    And now I want that seatbelt bag…

    Thanks! 🙂

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