Food Friday: Other People’s Food Blogs

I have been a dismal failure at food blogging of late—Fridays used to afford me a delicious chunk of time during naps, but that time seems to have evaporated in the last little while. I know you haven’t been pining away for my fantastic food posts, but I miss it, because I love food and recipes and cooking almost as much as all the other things taking up my time recently.

So today, I cheat and give you a few amazing food blogs that you ought to be visiting. And I’m hopeful that you’ll post your links to your Food Friday in the comments, because I know so many of you are out there doing it, and I love it!

The current photo of  Sweet and Salty Cake at Bake or Break: Adventures of an Amateur Baker makes me need to fan myself a little.

I want to either be Deb at Smitten Kitchen or her live-in taster, I can’t decide.

You can’t miss with the always lovely and always simple Simply Recipes, the inspiration for Food Friday.

Rachel’s original recipes and photos at Coconut & Lime are DIVINE.

The Wednesday Chef makes a heroic attempt to get through her piles of recipe clippings from the New York Times and the LA Times. Yum.

Just look at the three gorgeous cakes featured today on Bakerella. Holy buttercream.

To balance all this butter and sugar, I recommend a stop at A Veggie Venture.

I love the idea behind 101 Cookbooks even if I have FAR MORE than 101 cookbooks and no plans to stop adding to the collection.

Always something good cooking at the Food Blogga.

And finally, if you have had your head under an Internet rock, you might not know about Ree Drummond at The Pioneer Woman Cooks! and her amazing style of “everything’s better with butter” cooking. Spending the holiday season visiting her cooking blog is a feast for the eyes. Amazing photos and great giveaways, too—she just gave away a new stand mixer!

Where do you go for food talk, recipes and gorgeous food P-O-R-N photos? Share it with the rest of us, and a happy Food Friday to you!

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2 Responses to “Food Friday: Other People’s Food Blogs”

  1. thelandofka Says:

    I had a linktastic round up Friday, too! Thanks for the links I will check them out. 🙂

  2. Barbie Says:

    O M G! So I was just clicking around the food blogs you listed and the Sweet and Salty cake made me salivate at very first viewing. It’s so Pavlovian that now I HAVE to make this today!

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