Blame that fussy baby new year

Since life has conspired to keep me from finishing my now annual photo roundup of the year just past, I give you last year’s as a place holder.

You know, in case you had nothing else to do for a few minutes.

Click HERE.

I hope to finish it by tomorrow. Got any good song suggestions for me? I’m having a hard time topping the one I used last year.

Happy new year to you all!


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4 Responses to “Blame that fussy baby new year”

  1. sdh Says:

    hank and willie (especially hank) look so small in those photos! can’t wait to see the 2008 version…will try to think of a good song for you…

  2. Christina Says:

    Yeah, me too. The year in review just didn’t happen over here, and I’m giving myself permission to skip it. Just like I gave myself permission to skip Christmas cards. Oh dear, this is becoming a pattern…

  3. Cara Says:

    I love the one from last year. I am new to your blog so it’s the first time I saw it. I am looking forward to the new one.
    What was the name of the song you used for the last one, it was great.

  4. libound Says:

    Nothing else to do? That’s me, and thank you for suggesting revisiting 2007, it was a very good year! With a very small Hank & Willie, my how they have grown. Can’t wait for 2008. Song? You’re right, it will be hard to compare with last year, so perfect.

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