Hit me with your best shot

So, I’m back. I know, I usually have a guest blogger fill in when I go to the bathroom, but I didn’t think too many of you were missing me, especially since you, apparently, were all at the gym this week. Or at least I’m assuming that’s why I can’t get a parking spot there, yes?

I applaud your endeavors and wish you good luck, but I won’t mind when a few of you start slacking, because SWEET JESUS ON A TREADMILL, it’s busy there.

In other news, Henry scored the first shiner of 2009 yesterday, born of a spectacular fall off a kitchen stool followed by a smack into the edge of the kitchen table. Poor love, he was just reaching for some chocolateβ€”he might have something of a candy aversion now.



That was yesterday’s view, which was kid stuff compared to this morning’s swollen-eye-purple-lid look! Unretouched, as you can see from the collection of food crumbs and whatnot on his face. Don’t hate me for making this my Best Shot Monday. For more best shots and hopefully fewer injured toddlers, click here!

P.S. Even if you didn’t miss me, I missed you! I’ll be back more regularly now, I can feel it. In the meantime, any photo lovers out there want to help me with a project I’ve been working on? I need critique on my portfolio, and I’m looking for your opinion. Leave me a comment if you want to take a look, and I’ll send you the link!

29 Responses to “Hit me with your best shot”

  1. Chelle Says:

    Poor little fella !!! How cute is he? Are you keeping count of the number of times someone will have to explain this one? I’d love to hear what Will comes up with for an explanation…

    And yes, love to sneak a peek at the portfolio!


  2. MelodyA. Says:

    Poor baby.

    I’d love to see project. Mostly because I’m nosey, but I’m sure I’d have nice things to say.

  3. Tanya Says:

    oh no and to get a shiner over chocolate 😦

  4. Erin Goodman Says:

    I’d love to peek at your project!!!

  5. laura-dolcepics Says:

    Ouch! But what clear, beautiful gorgeous photos! πŸ™‚ Poor thing though… I cringed just reading about what happened. I can look over your portfolio if I find some time. πŸ™‚

  6. JenBun Says:

    Poor Henry! Hope he feels better…

    (And it would take more than a black eye to keep me away from chocolate!)

    I missed you!! πŸ˜€

  7. life with the wisners Says:

    heck, i’ll sneak peak. for whatever it’s worth.

    OUCH for your little man.

  8. Becky Says:

    I’ll take a look if you want…hope henry feels better.

  9. Rush Says:

    Awww. Poor Henry!

  10. Jen Says:

    Ouch. Poor little guy. That looks painful.

  11. Joanna Says:

    Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! That looks like a really bad ouchie! Its so colorful. Boy little man. :o(

  12. thelandofka Says:

    He is so cute, even with a shiner. They all seem to get them from time to time.

    I wasn’t at the gym, so don’t blame me. πŸ˜‰ We have an elliptical in the basement, so that is far as my ambition goes in getting exercise…and I rarely use it!

  13. Mike Says:


  14. Barbie Says:

    Poor, poor little man. I’d love to help with the portfolio. Happy 2009!

  15. golightly Says:

    Wowzer! That makes my eye ache just looking at it! Poor guy.

  16. Maggie Says:

    Oh ouch! Although it does bring out his tough side…I think now all he needs is a shirt that says “you should have seen the other guy”

  17. Julie Says:

    Awwww! Poor baby!

  18. Katy Says:

    i love the chin-cheeks-lips-crumbs part of the 2nd photo best–to painful to look at the eye!

  19. Sara Says:

    I would love to see the portfolio although I don’t think I will have anything all that constructive to say.

  20. Maya Says:

    Poor thing! Maybe this is what I need to do stop my chocolate habit!

    I’d love to take a look at your portfolio and help you out as well.

  21. betamom Says:

    After the initial rush of sympathy (I’ll reiterate all of the above “ouches” and “poor baby”s) I couldn’t help but notice admiringly how you’ve dressed him in complimentary colors to match his bruise. The stripe pattern on his collar matches almost exactly.
    When we lose our ability to coordinate, we’re no better than the animals. πŸ™‚

  22. Christina Says:

    Good gosh almighty, that looks brutal. I say you should hide this evidence, so he can’t pull it out to make you all sad and permisive when he’s a teenager itching for a later curfew! Poor kid.

    Already went through your portfolio! It rocks!

  23. Toonsis Says:

    Sorry I am late on this- please send me the link. Hope Henry is better. That is SOME SHINER! Something to brag on with the little girls : )

  24. Maria Says:

    Poor dear Henry……
    And I’m sure he let you apply ice to it on your whim….why do we medical people even bother with the suggestion…the day a toddler would let you hold a freezing cold pack to an already sore place is the day butter flies.

    And yes, can I peek and help with your portfolio?

  25. Sarah Says:

    I’ll take a look, for sure!

  26. itsallabouthallie Says:

    I would love to see your portfolio! I bet it is amazing!!

  27. Cara Says:

    ouch! that looks like it hurt.

  28. Chrissy Says:

    Wow – I hope that looks worse than it is! He certainly looks tough though. πŸ™‚ I would love to take a look at your portfolio if you need more feedback!

  29. Thinking you can’t possibly be three « Hank & Willie Says:

    […] age 2 1/2, January 2009 (Explanation of shiner here. More black eye photos […]

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