Hot time in the city

We ventured forth to the big city last week, to visit with some college friends in town, to celebrate the birthday of a young lady who just turned 10 and to go for a ride on the rails.

img_7335Will takes his train rides VERY seriously.

It all went off without a hitch, and we even made it to L.A. Burdick’s in Harvard Square for the best hot chocolate anyone has ever tasted. (Will promptly spilled his on the floor and BELIEVE ME when I tell you this is NOT a kid place, but they brought him a replacement  immediately and on the house, thank you, Burdicks!)


We also got to visit with Sarah who is hoping to have a baby in this millenium,


we browsed at the Curious George store and we missed the annual Ride the T Pants Free pantsless demo, which I am supremely grateful for, since I spend many mornings explaining to my children that they cannot go out without pants when it turns out, in fact, you can.


Will loved the train, but couldn’t take his hands off his ears in the station. He’s not much for loud noises.



As you can see.

img_7400We celebrated a birthday and some belated Christmas

img_7407Happy birthday, Lydia, we love you!

Thank you to our great hosts and hooray for the Red Line!


10 Responses to “Hot time in the city”

  1. Rush Says:

    Lydia – Happy Birthday.
    Henry – You are adorable.
    Will – I don’t like loud noises either.
    Anna – I love the sharpness and brilliance of those photos, especially the ones at that Harvard T Station. And you’ve got the “in this millenium” point right on. We wait.

  2. Mary Says:

    Next time take them on during rush hour, tell them it’s okay if they want to play Ring Around the Rosie, and watch what happens if “We all fall down!” coincides with a stop. I enjoyed counting the number of people who moved away from us.

  3. Amily Says:

    What fun! My daytime home two days/week – love Hahhhvahhhd Square. Keep us posted on R and S and ‘tini!!!

  4. Ellen Says:

    Sorry, Sarah, if I got your hopes up with that full moon and snow storm. I’ve been thinking of you each day! Special things take a long time sometimes 🙂 It’s such a magical time right now!! Thanks Anna for the great synopsis of our evening! It was great to see you all. And I have your hat? Mad?

  5. Maya Laurent Says:

    Sara looks so good! I’m sure they can’t wait! I love the shot of them waiting for the train!

  6. Christina Says:

    I’ve been wanting to take Nadia to ride the rails! She’s just as train-crazy as any boy. Awesome pics.

    Happy Birthday, Lydia!

  7. JenBun Says:

    Lovely photos– looks like you had a great time!

    And mmmm, I had hot chocolate this morning, but yours sounds better! 😛

  8. itsallabouthallie Says:

    Looks like a wonderful trip!! thanks for sharing!

  9. Chrissy Says:

    I’ve never heard of Ride the T Pants Free but I’m so glad I wasn’t out on the T last week! I don’t know if that’s something I would want to have been caught in the middle of. 🙂 I live pretty close to Harvard Square and have never been to L.A. Burdick’s – I’ll have to go, it sounds delicious. Glad you had a fun day!

  10. Mike Says:

    Aidan LOVED the T, too….we took the Green Line to Fenway last summer. The T was almost a bigger hit than the game!

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