Cuppa joe

So yesterday I bid a teary farewell to my beloved Keurig coffee brewer. After just three years of loyal service, it gasped, spat and died in my arms. I called Keurig’s service team, who assured me they could do nothing about it, then kept asking what they could do for me in unbearably perky tones. (Clearly, HER brewer worked that morning.)

I finally had to say, “Um, you could make me a cup of coffee, SINCE MY BREWER doesn’t seem to be willing to provide me with one.”


Then a repeat of the scripted apology, statement of distancing from the failed product and asked AGAIN what they could for me. I forsaw an endless loop that I  had no hope of escaping without coffee, so I ended the call, sighed and hauled out our lovely old coffeemaker, a gift from a dear friend for our 2000 wedding. (The one that still works perfectly after all these years, KEURIG. Take a lesson.)


Today, Henry happened to be in the room when I began the pour-water-measure-coffee-find-blasted-coffee-filters routine. And, when his gaze locked onto the white, cylindrical coffee maker, I realized, this child, in his whole 2.5 years of life, has never observed a real coffee maker in action. If a space ship had landed on his bowl of oatmeal, discharging miniature aliens bearing chocolate, it would have had no more scrutiny than this pot of coffee.


He actually pulled over the stool, sat there watching it and wouldn’t get down until the whole pot was done.







My apologies for the loads of photos and the wonky post-processing. Blame it on the lack of a Keurig brewer.

Contributions to the Hank & Willie Coffee Brewer Fund MOST WELCOME at SAVE ME.


16 Responses to “Cuppa joe”

  1. Jyl Says:

    I really enjoyed that post! Pictures made me smile.

  2. Amily Says:

    Hilarious! Such cute pics.

    You could create a long list of things our boys have not and may never experience (and yes, I walked to the bus stop up hill, each way, every day…).

  3. sdh Says:

    Henry sure loves electronic gadgets! does he have his own iphone yet? what’s his number?

  4. Shelly Says:

    I love these pictures, especially the 5th one! He looks like he is concentrating really hard! Haha.

  5. Jess K. Says:

    Ummm, sign him up for engineering school right now. Adorable. Henry, not the old coffee maker. Come back Keurig!

  6. Shannon Says:

    Oh Keurig, I hardly knew ye.

  7. katherine Says:

    Cute and hilarious!

  8. katy Says:

    I loved this post. The boy is obviously a genius–he knows when something magical is happening.

    You don’t have a record player, do you?

  9. Maria Says:

    I’m sorry about your troubles, and that THAT AWFUL DREADED THING had to have happened for us to have had this wonderful laugh…..I love the photo of Henry “The Thinker” watching the drips…and of your conversation with the robotic customer service rep…obviously NOT a coffee drinker. I hope you have “perked” up since then, and that you’re not “brewing” up some scheme to gerry-rig the Keurig…..Need to go google Keurig now, since I don’t know what this gadget even does..What have I been missing?
    Ps Sorry about the bad puns…Hard to “filter” through the bad taste in humor and resist the urge to attempt to make you laugh.

  10. B Says:

    Sooo sad.

  11. Christina Says:

    THAT is darn funny! Henry’s fascination I mean, not your tragic loss! When will the funeral be?

  12. Elizabeth Says:

    Great pictures. I used to watch the coffee brew when I was little.

    When I grew up, I started making my own and I couldn’t make a good cup of coffee to save my life. Finally I asked ‘Santa’ for a plain ol’ Mr. Coffee….you can’t mess it up. I have good coffee all the time now.

  13. Kate Says:

    Don’t tell me they break, we just got one! These are my favorite pictures of Henry I think!

  14. Chrissy Says:

    That’s so funny!! Those pictures are great; I love the way he’s watching it. Coffee IS a pretty magical thing. 😉 Glad you finally got some at least – nice to have a backup!

  15. thelandofka Says:

    LOL…that is HILARIOUS! I can tell it has his rapt attention. Oh the things these kids find so very super duper interesting. 😉

  16. laura Says:

    That is too funny!!! I brew my coffee cup by cup using a little one cup Melitta plastic drip thingy (you can get them at the grocery store) and small cone filters (they have them at trader joes). You just boil water, pour it in the filter thing-a-ma-jiggy and in far less time than it takes to brew a whole pot, you have a perfect cup of coffee! And…it couldn’t be cheaper!

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