Say hello to River


I was so very glad to finally make the acquaintance of my new friend River this weekend. I say finally, because the young chap decided to go ten days past his due date, after we were all convinced that this child of preemies would come early himself.

And then it was two WHOLE weeks before I could go visit, so believe me when I tell you it was long awaited.

But so worth the wait.






Nice work, Sarah & Rush.


18 Responses to “Say hello to River”

  1. Amily Says:

    SO CUTE!!! Great pics Anna!

  2. Sara Says:

    That first picture is amazing Anna.

  3. Sarah G now B Says:

    Wow! He’s beautiful! & gorgeous pics. Or maybe he is gorgeous and the pics are beautiful? I can’t decide.

  4. Molly Says:

    Love these. Love.

  5. Erin Says:

    Beautiful baby. Beautiful pics.

  6. B. Says:

    Welcome to the world, River…
    Rush, he told me that he wants a land rover…

  7. katherine Says:

    WOW!! Great pics, Anna! I am dying to get there myself!!! xoxo

  8. Holly Says:

    Anna- he is gorgeous…you captured beautiful shots!

  9. Jess K. Says:

    Maybe it’s the hormones, but these made me weep. Nice work Anna, Rush, Sarah, & River. I’m smitten.

  10. Maria Says:

    Well hello River! What a precious boy. Wonderful shots Anna.
    Love the first photo especially….talk about leading lines!

  11. Princess Extraordinaire Says:

    Too beautiful for words…

  12. Christina Says:

    Hello River! You are a gorgeous boy for sure!

    Hi Anna! You captured this sweet boy so sweetly! You even got newborn smiles. I love the hands shot, and the last one with his flaky baby skin. Can’t wait to hear how all your STUFF is going!

  13. Elizabeth Says:

    Yay for Rush & Sarah!!!!! I’ll swing by his blog and congratulate him. thanks for posting the pictures!

  14. Rinda Says:

    What a special experience to view these pictures..they brought tears to my eyes!!
    Your advise is so right on Rush..few have these memories of this stage with their precious ones!!!


  15. Maya Laurent Says:

    You captured them so beautifully! River is just such a handsome lil guy!!! Great job!

  16. Chrissy Says:

    Those photos are beautiful!! As is River. 🙂 Too perfect!

  17. Valerie Says:

    These will be treasures forever. I love how they pictures include all three of you. What a beautiful little family!

  18. Whoops « Hank & Willie Says:

    […] the last time you saw this guy, he was about half the size and sleeping. We’ve been waiting for his visit, too, thanks for coming, […]

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