I’ve been weeding through photographs, and keep making perfectly delightful discoveries along the way—like these, for example!

This is my cousin, Alanna, and her son, Justin, at our house at Christmas. I can always count on my cousin Alanna for any number of things—her excellent writing, her brilliant wit (any of her Facebook friends would agree) her ability to cram more things into a week than most people do in a year (she’s a single mom, a triathalete, a student and she works full-time) and our shared appreciation for food—but she is also my go-to for figuring out exactly how I am related to my cousin’s child and how my children are related to him. First cousin, twice removed? No idea.

But Alanna will know.




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4 Responses to “Cuzins”

  1. hgray Says:

    Your cousin’s kids are your first cousins, once removed, your kids and her kids are second cousins. The “removed” is used for uneven generations (like you to her kids).

    It helps to pop in a few real names into the chart so you can keep track.

  2. Maria Says:

    Hi to Alanna and !! Justin all grown up!!

  3. Christina Says:

    What a charming pair they are!

    My sister is my walking encyclopedia for figuring out familial relationships!

  4. Alanna Says:

    You are SOOO SWEET!!!! Love you! And how can I get a copy of these? Your photography is amazing!

    And the boys are second cousins. =)

    (Hi Maria! Can you believe how big he is?! 8 already!)

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