As I’m looking at that last blog post, where I tell you that I hope the next update I give you about the twins in our family will be many weeks from now, I just have to wonder a little about karma.

As of yesterday morning at 6:39 a.m., my sister is no longer home or pregnant. She and her husband, are, however, the proud parents of a girl and boy, born nearly 10 weeks premature. As many of you saw on Facebook, the initial reports are good and stable, so we will hope and pray for continued good news on the baby front as these little ones grow and mature. Thank you for all your kind thoughts and words of congratulations!

* * * *

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, look who we had at our place this weekend!


We had a summit of some of our favorite friends, some with babies and kids, many of them meeting for the first time. Will reveled in his role as oldest, as you can see.

(Henry was unavailable for his closeup, he picked this day to debut a stomach bug, previously unseen in our home.)


A girl after my own heart. (Of COURSE we had cupcakes, thank you Sarah and Rush!)




This trio, now 14 months old, made their long-awaited debut in our state with their adventurous and completely laid-back parents. We’re so glad you came!


And the last time you saw this guy, he was about half the size and sleeping. We’ve been waiting for his visit, too, thanks for coming, River!


And even though Lil just came from across town, we’re so glad she was here, too.


Next time? We just need to add all the friends we missed this time, and at least two more sets of twins when they are ready to join this mayhem!


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12 Responses to “Whoops”

  1. Anne Says:

    Such beautiful babies! Can’t wait to meet them all.

  2. Jess Says:

    Congrats to your sister, even if the timing isn’t exactly what she would have chosen. Here’s hoping for continued good health for the whole family.

  3. B. Says:

    pure mayhem!

  4. Amily Says:

    Congrats to Kate and crew! So exciting! Thanks for a great day!! We can’t wait to come back!!

  5. Jess K. Says:

    I love the redhead standing up in the wagon – He’s the one to watch. And their parents are laid back? Did you discover any secrets to being laid-back with multiples? Please observe and report, as Kate and I are the newest to the game. Thinking of her all day and for many to come, welcome Andrew and Isabell!

  6. Holly Says:

    Anna- Congratulations to your sister and brother-in-law. And to you the new aunty. My thoughts and prayers are with you all for good health. Love, -Holly

  7. Sara Says:

    Sending our best to your sister, brother-in-law and those babies. Please keep us updated.

  8. Christina Says:

    Oh yay! I’m so glad the babes are doing well, and hope and pray that continues!!

    I’m impressed by that group shot. And that trio, OMG how cute are they?!?!?

  9. Maggie Says:

    Such a good looking crew you had at your house!

    And a huge congrats to your sister! I know it’s not what she was planning on, but there comes a time when all babies are more out than in…your little niece and nephew just seem to be ahead of the normal curve on that — already advanced for their age!

  10. Maria Says:

    congratulations to K and D! My thoughts and prayers are with these two little troopers!

  11. Mary Says:

    Yippee!!! I cannot wait to see all of our kiddos together for the Meet the Twins party!

  12. Maya Laurent Says:

    Goodness River has gotten big!!! How fun to have all the parents together like that!

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