Freshly hatched

It really feels like spring today, and I might even push it to say it feels like late spring, finally!

We saw prancing three-day-old baby black lambs at the farm last week when we went to welcome the official opening of ice cream season, and today I have this little lamb to share, Chase. (You know you LOVED that segue. I thought of it because he is indeed a sweet little lamb and has sweet little sheep swinging over his crib.)

You might remember his wonderful mom and dad that I met through Sarah True of True & Wesson. Joe and Marissa fed me and poured me delicious latte after latte during their maternity shoot.  Chase is the happy result of that pregnancy, and while he is a big bright-eyed one-month-old now, these were taken when he was freshly hatched and oh, so sleepy.


Remember this chair?


It has a new inhabitant these days.



Mom, Dad and baby





And we had fun recreating this shot from their maternity session:


Now plus one!


Happy baby, Marissa and Joe—he’s a love, enjoy every minute!


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9 Responses to “Freshly hatched”

  1. MelodyA. Says:

    oh so sweet. LOVE number 6 down, over mom’s shoulder, of the sweet face. Nicley done, miss Anna.

  2. Christina Says:

    You do SUCH an awesome job, Anna! I adore the ones in the chair, and you did a great job recreating the one on the bed!

  3. B. Says:


  4. libound Says:

    Oh god they are all so gorgeous! Chase is just delicious, beautiful shots, love the chair for scale on that little munchkin. Mom makes me wish I had styled my hair and worn pearls for our shoot, blast her, she is lovely.

  5. thelandofka Says:

    Great job, Anna! Love it when people have great furniture in their house…being gorgeous with a super cute little one usually helps, too. 😉

  6. Sara Says:

    More amazing pictures Anna. You are SO talented!

  7. Maria Says:

    another great capture, Anna…

    Are you telling me that that woman just gave birth a mere one month ago. Do not believe it. She must not have believed in the steak and cheese pregnancy diet that i was especially fond of. Beautiful family.

  8. Robert J. Trenske Says:

    That chair is perfect for this session, I love #2!!

  9. Maya Laurent Says:

    I love the bed photos. There’s something about a new family on a bed that is so adorable and slightly ironic…like everyone’s getting sleep or something! 🙂

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