Why I didn’t cry this morning

Today is the last day of Will’s nursery school, a day to be topped on the emotional Richter scale of parenting only by the actual nursery school closing ceremonies later this week. (For example, they’ve been raising caterpillars who have JUST emerged as butterflies from their cocoons this morning and will be ready to fly free at the closing ceremony. Cue tears.)

I was fully prepared to be a weepy mess today, observing ONE LAST TIME the glorious traditions we have treasured for two years—morning play, then “time to ring the bell”  and finally their wild sprint (or for calmer types, a stroll) across the courtyard into the classroom. I came with camera in hand, trying to nail the perfect amount of blur in a shot of them running across the stone courtyard. I’ve tried a few times for the past two years to get it. This morning? Failed SPECTACULARLY.

It wasn’t all me. I’ve had some great coaching from this amazing photographer who is also a friend and nursery school mom, so I know what to do, and I was completely ready and in position. But some days they walk, and some days they run, and only a few ran today, and the rest of them strolled–not so good for the blur. And then, to top it all off, while the crowd dispersed around him, Will’s teacher noticed his shoe was untied, and stopped him to tie his shoe for him. (Have I mentioned I can’t stand these sneakers? OF COURSE they foiled me on my last day. And I see no reason why I should be washing socks in June when this child has more pairs of Crocs and sandals than any three kids need. NO MORE SNEAKERS TIL FALL!)

Anyway, so laugh with me when you see just how awful these photos are.




(Will’s in the blue tee and jeans, getting his SHOE tied.)

And realize if I wasn’t laughing at them, I’d be absolutely sobbing at the end of what has been a wonderful, magical, amazing school experience for two heavenly years. I am so grateful to the entire CNS community–parents, teachers, board members and Will’s classmates for making the experience as beautiful as it was. I can’t dream of a better start to a school career for any child, and I know he will carry the lessons he has learned there with him forever.

Excuse me while I go find a tissue.


9 Responses to “Why I didn’t cry this morning”

  1. Christine Cabral Says:

    What a great post! Love your blog – and I agree that CNS is a magical place. Part of it is the school itself, and part is the families that go there. My hankies are ready for Wednesday, although Charlotte is returning next year (the graduation years are the hardest!) I can only imagine what a mess I’ll be on my last child’s final day there!

  2. Amanda Says:

    Anna – these photos are beautiful. Thank you for capturing a moment that I (sadly) missed! See you Wednesday. xo Amanda

  3. JenBun Says:

    Awww, that even makes ME want to cry– what a beautiful, fun-filled day! 🙂

    Congrats, Will!!!

  4. libound Says:

    Crying for you, of course.

  5. Christina Says:

    Hehehe! I love it! So real, so funny. Just priceless. But yes, also sad. 😦

  6. Jennifer (Savor) Says:

    Oh Anna,
    I have found someone who understands. I was a weepy mess but kept a smile the whole time so that Isabel saw I was happy. It makes me want to keep Ben home every day and not let him start nursery school.

  7. Katherine Says:

    Oh boy! we are starting this nursery school thing in a mere 88 days… I hope we have the same great experience for ours here on the left coast!

    I think you are ready to shoot some fantastic pics of those butterflies later in the week! Any chance you can find a few more in case a reshoot is in order? 😉

  8. Maya Laurent Says:

    I love it! The photos totally capture your mood!

  9. Chelle Says:

    I really like that last one. I can almost see a tear in the blur!


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