Strawberries and turning three

I guess Henry must have taken a nap last year on his birthday for me to have written all this and posted it on his birthday.


Will picked every one of these himself, stopping to ask, “Is this a good one?” after EACH ONE.

Today, I’m fielding requests of “Can I have another strawberry?” (Can a child actually suffer any physical ailments from eating THAT MANY strawberries?) and “Can I pee standing up, Will says I can?” (SAY NO if you get this question. I have no words for this, but picture a writhing runaway hose with the water on full blast.) and my more thoughtful birthday reflections will have to wait til this evening, after I figure out how to make a fire truck cake.


Well, HELLO, strawberry. How you doin’?

We’ve had a great day so far, though—we were there for opening bell on strawberry picking season this morning, and picked 18 pounds without even really trying. Then we headed to the farm for animals and ice cream (Cows and Cones, of course.)  JUST IN CASE I have no thoughtful reflections later, I do have a few birthday photos. And a few extra strawberries, come on by if you’d like some!


Crista, this one’s for you!


Eat. Repeat.



You knew he couldn’t wait any longer.


Me either. Off to make strawberry smoothies!


13 Responses to “Strawberries and turning three”

  1. Jess Says:

    The only negative thing I’ve heard about letting kids eat too much fruit is that what goes in must come out, and with tons of fruit this can cause tummyaches and disgusting results in the process.

  2. Rush Says:

    Strawberries have never looked so good!

  3. Chelle Says:

    Now I really want some strawberries! Thanks for sharing Henry and Will!

  4. Anna Says:

    GREEEEEAAAT, says the mom on Day 14 of potty training Henry. Tomorrow is going to be a POTTY PARTY!

  5. Jess K. Says:

    Oh yum, and the strawberries look good too! Henry is looking like such a big boy to me!

  6. Maria Says:

    Happy Birthday Sweet Henry!

  7. B. Says:

    Yum and Happy Bithday to you!

  8. Christina Says:

    Happy birthday, little man! Errr, I mean NOT-so-little man these days! Golly those strawberries look yum. hmmm, trying to think of another reason to make a roadtrip up there…

  9. Ashley Says:

    Obviously I need to make my way back East. I am missing out on some good looking strawberries! Happy Birthday Henry!

  10. Maggie Says:

    Those strawberries look amazing! And happy birthday to Henry — what a big, handsome boy he is turning into!

  11. Amy Flood Says:

    Anna, that is sooo funny. Declan recently showed me how he can pee standing up and i thought-YES!-until i saw all the mess and now i cringe everytime he goes into the bathroom! happy b-day Will!

  12. Amy Flood Says:

    oops, happy birthday Henry!

  13. Sheila Says:

    Happy Birthday sweet boy! Hope to celebrate with you soon!

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