Preview: Brayden and family


Meet Baby Brayden, who isn’t really a baby anymore.


He arrived in a big hurry two years ago, deciding he needed to check out where mom worked (she’s part of Henry’s NICU dream team). He also derailed mom and dad’s attempts to see a Red Sox vs. Yankees game in person with his early arrival that spring, but I’m guessing there are a few more in their future. (You’ll be able to tell which side they were rooting for if you are a careful observer.)


I’ve had fun watching Brayden grow these last two years, and I completely enjoyed the evening I spent at the beach with Bray, his parents and his furry sibling, Sadie.


Sweet Sadie is a longtime member of the family, and suffered severe complications from joint surgery when Bray was a newborn. She is now an incredibly agile three-legged pooch who enjoyed beach time as much as the rest of us.



Waving at boats in the boat channel.


No shortage of water in the bird bath. We’re five inches of rain past our monthly average around here.




Happy sneak peek!


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4 Responses to “Preview: Brayden and family”

  1. B. Says:

    Go Soxs!

  2. Crista Says:

    Oh my! Haven’t seen him since Music Together many moons ago. He’s so big and just as cute as ever!!!!

  3. Dru Says:

    Great shots of bray and sadie! So happy to see sadie in the ocean again.

  4. Elaine (Gran) Says:

    What lovely pictures…

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