Summer Fun List


Say what you will about pool boys, they all have one thing in common: they sure are cute!

We have FINALLY gotten a nice stretch of summer weather in New England, just as we begin the countdown to fall and the real world, if we can refer to kindergarden and nursery school as the real world. But we have one more year of civility, i.e. starting school after Labor Day and not a minute before, so we plan to spend the remaining hours of official summer doing things on our Summer Fun List.

Even though we’ve done most of the things on the list already, you can never have too much of the following:

1. in-season fruit picking. We’re on to nectarines, peaches, blueberries (of course), and a slightly peculiar variety of raspberry that doesn’t seem to know it is neither July nor September. Pears and apples are nearly ready, but NOT YET, I say. Then, pie and crisp. Or crispy, as we call it around here.

2. beach and all its assorted activities, including cocktails for grownups (check), searching for sea glass (check), finding the elusive blue piece (just this weekend! and I wasn’t even there!), crabbing (check) and generally getting wet, finding treasures and getting sandy (check, check, check)

3. the carousel

4. the lake (though really–why is it amber?)

5. ice cream. there hasn’t been nearly enough this year.

6. more farm stands and less A & P.

7. more stomp rockets and sprinklers

8. more bike riding and scootering

9. more summer reading (we just finished The Long Winter from the Little House series, and it was delicious reading about freezing cold while fanning ourselves.)

10. more cupcakes. always more cupcakes.

11. birthdays. we love summer birthdays around here.

12. more time at our favorite haunts, like making toy boats and climbing on wooden tugboats

13. more pool time. always.

14. more Maine! Checking that off the list next week

15. more cape cod and friends we miss

16. gazpacho

17. tomato soup

18. BLTs with homemade bread

19. pesto

20. did I say tomato?

21. more baby twin cousins! (Pictures soon, mama!)

Clearly, we can’t get this all done by Labor Day. September, you have some things on your list.

What’s on yours? We can always stand to add a few things to ours!









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11 Responses to “Summer Fun List”

  1. Kate Says:

    Yay Henry in the pool like a (dry) big boy!

  2. CoffeeJitters Says:

    Oh, I just love these shots. What an awesome summer.

  3. Ruth Says:

    Fabulous pictures, Anna — seriously cute kids!

    And a great list! — picked tons of blueberries the last 2 weeks — jam, pies (yum!), and lots of frozen for winter treats. On to peaches next!

  4. hardin Says:

    I think I’m about about 4% for the list. Going to be a busy September.

  5. Shannon Says:

    We have been bustin our butts over here trying to finish up our list — most recently crossed off waterslides (check). The castle and Chester ferry have been bumped to the fall list. And, unfortunately, Buttonwoods sunflowers will have to wait until next year (wah). Still need a few more carousel rides (anytime, say when – we’ll drop all and head over), ice cream trips (preferably the farm kind), and a visit to Block Island (may also be bumped to fall list – specifically the “adults only” fall list!)

  6. Maria Says:

    great list with lots of checks…! You’ve been an over-achiever it seems!

  7. B. Says:

    Check, check and check…

  8. MelodyA. Says:

    You have a much more fun list then we do. Why does it look like you guys are the only ones swimming?

  9. Crista Says:

    Someone please explain the amber water… and isn’t it technically a pond? I would also like to volunteer myself as a dinner guest for the BLT night.

  10. Crystal D Says:

    I think I am finished with my summer check list. I am ready to start my fall check list… apples, pumpkins, leaf piles, hay rides, Halloween… yep, ready for fall. 😉

  11. libound Says:

    Can we have BLTs in Sept when we come? Still need a check on that one! Enjoy Maine, oh lovely Maine!

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