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Falling for fall

September 22, 2009

Fall seems to have arrived, what with the crisp, clear mornings, cool nights and glorious, warm sunny days. I usually have some bittersweet longing for summer right about now, but this year these September days have been so darn seductive with their fruit-laden orchard branches, perfect beach days and deserted beach towns that I can hardly remember my romance with summer. Call me fickle, but I’m ready for an apple pie.


River, all suited up for fall. If you asked him he’d probably say he wants pie, too.

And in a completely unrelated topic (except that these were taken on a glorious September day and one at the beach, even) this is a private sneak peek just for River’s grandmother Donna. Oh, and the rest of you, too. More to come this week, family of River and other friends!


River and mom hanging at the beach.

Hope you all are enjoying this glorious start to fall, too.


Time to Spread the Love

September 17, 2009


Last winter I kickstarted this whole crazy season of wedding photography with an incredible, thoughful one-day workshop  held by the the talented, savvy and completely endearing CT wedding photography duo, Justin & Mary Marantz. I attended with Sarah True of True Event, and we just wrote pages and pages and pages of notes, nodding our heads and taking it all in. You can see a photo of me wiping tears away if you click here and scroll down to Spread the Love. Yes, it was THAT kind of day!

At this workshop, Justin and Mary instructed, inspired and extolled the value of spreading the love—doing something for others not just because of what it nets you in return. That if you do enough of that, the return will be great overall. The talked about their goal of inspiring loyalty beyond reason in their clients, and how such a simple philosophy directs all that they do.

It was a truly amazing day, and I just can’t say enough about it. It’s a workshop not just for photographers, but for other professionals in the wedding industry, too—as an exploration of working together to be something greater together than just a sum of our individual parts.

Caterers? Planners? Floral designers? Bakers? Owners of cool event-related businesses like Canditto? (You know you want to click it.) I’d call you crazy if you didn’t go to Justin & Mary’s site and vote for them to come to your city this winter on their Spread the Love tour. (Voters get entered in a contest for amazing prizes, too–take a look!)

Hope to see you there!

Meghan + Gregg: Married on Block Island

September 15, 2009





Gregg and Meghan in the lush green landscape of Block Island.

When I looked at the calendar in advance of this year’s wedding season, I noticed that my birthday, August 22, was a Saturday.  I’m notorious for taking the day off from any kind of paid work on my birthday (wouldn’t you rather be at the beach if your birthday was August 22?), so when I saw it falling on a Saturday at the height of wedding season, I realized a  lifetime of job/birthday karma was about to catch up with me.

I had a few inquiries for the August 22 date this year, and I was lukewarm on the connections I made, thinking, “I really want to be in love with the wedding I take for August 22.”

Enter Meghan. We got together in the spring for a get-to-know-you coffee date that turned into a warm and wonderful multi-hour talk fest, covering life, love, work, travel, family and lots and lots of delicious wedding details. When we finished, we both looked at the time, astonished, and I drove away thinking, “Now THAT is the wedding for me on August 22.”

And it was. With a hurricane looming in the Atlantic and the threat of canceled ferries, Steph Stevens and I zipped over to Block Island, RI, via plane for what turned out to be a glorious day, despite it being perhaps the hottest day ever registered on the island. Hottest. Day. Ever. Did I mention it was hot? When you see how gorgeous this group is, you need to be extra amazed at how they managed to do casual glam in the face of such extreme heat and humidity.

We walked into the room where Meghan and her ladies were getting ready, and the ultra-relaxed, upbeat Meghan was dancing around the room, singing to “Don’t Stop Believing” with a cool glass of champagne in her hand. With a bride like that, you know it is going to be a great day.

I know it’s the photos you’re waiting for, so I’ll wrap it up, but I just want to say what an extraordinary, glorious day in the sun it was—these two have an amazing tribe of friends and family and their  day was positively effervescent with joy.

And now for their slide show!

Full gallery of all your images next week, M & G–happy love!

Sneak peek: Married on Block Island–Meghan & Gregg

September 14, 2009

I know, I know, when do you ever see two posts in one day from me?

When I’m faced with this much awesomeness, that’s when.


I just love this photo, truly showing the no-fuss,  relaxed nature of this bride and groom. They wanted a happy and fun celebration with their clan, and they definitely got it–their good karma even kept a hurricane away, that’s how much they rock!

More soon, M & G!

More firsts

September 14, 2009

September seems to have more firsts than Playmobil parts on my floor and THAT, my friends, is saying something. (As you well know, Katy and Kate, my two primary sources.)


Henry, age three. First day of nursery school with his nursery-school bag. I think he would fit inside.

Today’s first brought to you by a happy nursery school boy who climbed into my arms this morning and said, “Today? Is today nurfree school?”

He might as well have tacked a FINALLY, FOR THE LOVE OF PETE on the end there, because after a home visit from two of his three wonderful teachers last week and the delivery of his special school-assigned bag, each day has started with a request to go to “nurfree school, today!”


Yes, sweet Henry, today is the day. He sauntered into school with his bag over his shoulder, and completed the details of arrival (fresh fruit in the bowl there, bag on the hook there, name in the box there, washing hands there) like an old pro. (Which he kind of is, having observed it for the last two years with Will.)


However, it is all his today, and he couldn’t be more excited to get started. He kissed me, waved goodbye with a smile, and got back to playdough and observing the classroom’s two feathered friends, Abbott & Costello.


Can’t wait to go pick him up and hear all about it!

1001 Reasons Why I Am Still Awake and Coming Downstairs, by Henry

September 11, 2009


Henry, age three.

Watch Hill, RI      September 7, 2009

Oh, Henry.

He’s reached that magical age where he can’t QUITE make it without a nap, but when he does nap, he can’t fall asleep before 8:30 or 9, sometimes more than 1.5 hours after his dog-tired brother.

So we go about our evening business, while pretending not to hear Henry repeatedly skulking down the stairs before we quietly carry him back up again. Over and over.

But tonight I realized how exceptional and sincere he is about this bedtime game, and I would wager that Henry can beat ANYONE’s kid in the “1001 Reasons Why I Am Still Awake and Coming Downstairs” contest.


Tonight’s surprise entry: “Dad, I need to make popsicles. And my knee is bleeding.”

A few other recent entries:

1. “I need water. I am SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO thirsty.” (I do not exaggerate even a single SO.)

2. (Teary, lower lip trembling.) “Mommy, I can’t find the other tank for my Playmobil scuba diver.”

3.  ((Teary, lower lip trembling.) “I can feel my knee bleeding on the inside.”

4. “I need to go potty. And I have to come downstairs to do it.”

5. “I’m afraid of the dark. I’m just so afraid.” (The 75-watt hall light seems to have gone unnoticed here.)

6. “What’s for dinner tomorrow?”

7.  “William hit me.” (William, who has been asleep for more than an hour.)

8.  “The hall light is too bright.”

9. “I have a headache.”

10. “I’m SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO hungry.”

11. “I can’t see my books, it’s too dark.”

12. “I have a bloody toe.” (Not so.)

13. “Dad, look, I found an astronaut in this book!”

14. “Mom, it’s raining. It’s raining TOO HARD.”

15. (Teary, lower lip trembling.) “Daddy, there are monsters upstairs, I can hear them.”

16. “Mom, what’s that sound?”

17. “(Teary, lower lip trembling.) “I found my crane parts and not my CRAAAAAAAAANE!”

Next time I’m videotaping it.

I think he’s finally asleep.

Katryne + Kevin: Engaged

September 9, 2009

Okay, so that headline shouldn’t be taken like a news flash or anything, since we took these photos WAY BACK in July and Katryne and Kevin are getting married in, oh, less than two months. But good things come to those that wait, and they have waited so very patiently for this sneak peek of their e-session on the beach in lovely Stonington, CT.


We met in a seaside town on a seaside afternoon for a lovely seaside photo shoot.









Happy love, K + K! I’m so looking forward to your day in October!

First Day

September 8, 2009


After months of anticipation, today was the day—Will set off for kindergarten and his first foray into all-day, all-week school. He’s been pretty excited since last spring when he understood it only as a state of being, and now that the big K actually has a place and a name, well, he couldn’t be more excited to get started.


Our wonderful Maine friends gave this backpack to Will when they visited him at ten days old, five years ago. It has hauled diapers, wipes, baby bottles, toys, baby rompers, blankets, burp cloths, baby food, snacks, big boy underwear, swimsuits, towels, goggles, lunch boxes, water bottles, notes and papers, toy cars, crayons and markers, coloring books, art projects and so much more. Now he is finally old enough to carry it himself, five years later. Thank you Ellen, John, Lydia and Jack for the most useful present of all time!

Who wouldn’t be excited to get started? He has gerbils and hermit crabs in his classroom, which is the loveliest shade of green. He also has three crackerjack teachers and a few old and dear friends in the mix–with several more to be discovered in the coming weeks, I’m sure. He came home with several of his trademark pirate ship drawings, so I know he felt at home.


We celebrated the milestone day after school with a stop at the local cider mill for donuts, cider and some much needed lazy time on the porch of the cider mill, sitting and talking about our days. When I asked Will what his favorite part of his first day was he said, “Everything, mom!”

Next week—nursery school for Henry!