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Scenes from Halloween (and a 50 mm 1.2)

October 31, 2009

A trip to the apple orchard this morning and a midday snack (mysteriously delivered to our doorstep by one of our favorite ghouls) made for great subject material while I was experimenting with the Canon 50 mm 1.2 today–the most delicious of all lenses. Yum.


This lens is NUTS. Almost as delicious as the candy I will be eating later.


Thanks to Auntie Melissa for the wardrobe styling and Aunt Diana for the yummy witch hat cookies, complete with an M & M core—have you ever seen such a great idea?

And Halloween is just beginning, more to come! Dragon wings still under construction, and our own Curious George is climbing the walls, as usual!


Everything’s rosy

October 20, 2009

How can you not love this many red roses, especially on a rainy day?




This gray wedding day by the sea in Stonington, CT turned out to be lovely and bright in all the right ways. We didn’t even need the umbrellas.

Happy love, Vikki & Tim, and thanks for a great day!

Me and Stanley (Cup)

October 14, 2009


Well, imagine my delight this evening when I opened up my email to find a video clip of me, hard at work, at the Stanley Cup party in Newport, RI this summer. It was sent by the talented and charming Mike Cyr of Buzz Media Company, who was shooting alongside us that hot steamy day in August.

Did I mention it was hot? Like the kind of hot that makes eggs fry on the pavement? I remind you of that because it is the (poorly justified) reason for the short, airy dress I am wearing, and in (much chagrined) hindsight, I realize if there was even one person there who did not see my underwear that day, I’d like them to step forward and be counted. SIGH.

But, I probably kept cooler than most of people there, and for that I was grateful. It was a great summer party (planned by Sarah True of True Event) set to energizing steel drum music, with lots of fun people in a gorgeous location, and you can see, even in this teeny clip, how Mike captures the essence of the day.

If you want the meaningful moments of your life captured in film or video,  you’ll surely want to connect with Buzz Media Company. (And if you enjoy a view of life that is lovely and amazing, check out the delicious style sensibilities of Mike’s wife Erica, who writes the yummy Buzz Blog!)

And remember, when you watch this video, IT WAS REALLY, REALLY HOT OUT! And yes, that is a cameo by the lovely Steph Stevens of Steph Stevens Photo at the end there, for those that are paying attention.

VIDEO CLIP: Anna and the Stanley Cup

In other news, if you’re in the Pittsburgh area and watching the Liberty Sports Network this month, you’ll see some of my photos of the Stanley Cup event on a TV special they are producing on Penguins player Mark Eaton and his day with the Stanley Cup. Let me know if you see it air!

Beach boys

October 6, 2009



These cute brothers started out high and dry on a grassy lawn at this beautiful stone lighthouse, but as soon as we headed across the street to the beach, well, you can probably guess how dry they stayed.



Good thing they wear nearly the same sizes as my crew at home, so they could proceed with the Reward Dinner Out after a very successful and enjoyable photo session at the point.




Sigh. The lashes.


Dad is headed out on a six-month deployment this fall. So glad they got this beautiful day together before then.


Mom getting her share of the love.

Thanks for a beautiful fall evening at the beach, guys!

Now with twice the thigh rolls

October 5, 2009

This dynamic duo represents another part of the informal list-serv of moms of multiples that sprang up when my sister was expecting twins this past spring.

I seem to know a number of moms of multiples, and with them came reams of good advice. In fact, so good I’m going to post the nuggets of good advice one of these days, because it should belong to the vast interwebs, not just to this hardy group of moms. I’m slowly making my way through this group, but still have a few more to photograph–Jackson & Wyatt, Alexander & Thomas and Declan, Rowan & Aidan, I’m talking to you!

But today? Just feast your eyes on this staggering amount of deliciousness, and never mind the sage advice and twin talk.

Without further blather….Joseph and Nicholas, six months old.

IMG_8272 copy

IMG_8310 copy






IMG_8866 copyweb


Thanks for a great visit, E & J! Your boys are BEAUTIFUL!

Katy + Frank: Married in Mystic

October 3, 2009

It’s a wet, dark morning here on the Connecticut coastline, and am feeling kind of guilty about posting these images of oh, just one of the most glorious days of late summer EVER. Especially since I have a wedding today, and things are definitely looking a little damp. But, that’s what red umbrellas are for, right?


The wedding was the ninth family wedding held in the past 60 years at this lovely seaside family home, and they’ve clearly got it down–hard to imagine a crowd that knows how to enjoy a wedding more. Katy and Frank filled the day with delicious details, from starfish ornaments and red buckets, and the cutest monograms.

They had gorgeous flowers, ridiculously cute flower girls and a fantastic photobooth with amazing guest participation, but the best thing about the day was the LOVE—at the risk of sounding entirely sappy, these two had a tremendous clan of family, wedding party, friends and guests surrounding them with an absolute blanket of joy, and even those of us just there for the day could see it and feel it.

And while anyone who has been to a wedding can tell a story about a bride,  I can top you all—there was a slight concern about the arrival of the cake (which showed up without a hitch and was gorgeous). But for that brief period of time when Katy was faced with the possibility of no cake at all, she simply said, “Oh well–we’ll go to Dunkin Donuts and order 150 donuts!”  THAT is a bride with perspective.

As you can imagine, it was a pleasure to spend the day with someone like that, and Katy and Frank, we wish you a lifetime of love and happiness–thanks for including us in your beautiful day!



The gorgeous veil Katy is wearing has been in her family for 150 years, and passed down to bride after bride. They do tradition well in this family, don’t they!


Starfish—the perfect motif for a seaside wedding.





There’s a whole host of captions just begging to be written here.

I’ll cut to the chase—this group knows what to do with a photobooth, that’s for sure! Amazing photobooth props courtesy of Katy’s mom.


2010 couples, take note. I won’t MAKE you wear a chicken on your head in your photobooth, but it’s something to consider!


Want more? Check out Katy and Frank’s slideshow!


And special thanks to my amazing team of shooting associates, Steph and Maria, especially for posing with me below. You look mahvelous!