Now with twice the thigh rolls

This dynamic duo represents another part of the informal list-serv of moms of multiples that sprang up when my sister was expecting twins this past spring.

I seem to know a number of moms of multiples, and with them came reams of good advice. In fact, so good I’m going to post the nuggets of good advice one of these days, because it should belong to the vast interwebs, not just to this hardy group of moms. I’m slowly making my way through this group, but still have a few more to photograph–Jackson & Wyatt, Alexander & Thomas and Declan, Rowan & Aidan, I’m talking to you!

But today? Just feast your eyes on this staggering amount of deliciousness, and never mind the sage advice and twin talk.

Without further blather….Joseph and Nicholas, six months old.

IMG_8272 copy

IMG_8310 copy






IMG_8866 copyweb


Thanks for a great visit, E & J! Your boys are BEAUTIFUL!


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10 Responses to “Now with twice the thigh rolls”

  1. Carrie Roseman Photography Says:

    Awesome! They are so cute! Great job, Anna.

  2. Crista Says:

    Oh they ARE cute, aren’t they? I love how one drapes his leg over the other… I’m sure that they were put in close proximity to each other for the pics but it really makes you think about the security one must feel as a twin. They’ve been side by side since conception.

    Oh babies, babies, babies…

  3. Sarah Says:

    So lovely, as always! That’s the perfect timing to get them, too…they can hold themselves up and yet they’re not mobile enough to run in opposite directions.

    I would LOVE to add Thomas and Alexander to your Multiples collection! Somedaaaay.

  4. Katherine Says:

    Wow! Makes me wish I was having twins! 🙂

  5. sdh Says:


  6. Jess K. Says:

    I have had the privilege of snuggling these guys and I must say they are as delicious as Anna makes them look here. Lovely babies, lovely family . . . nice Anna!

  7. jacksonandwyatt Says:

    Fabulous, as usual Anna! As soon as we make it back East…you can expect us to come knocking for our photo shoot.

  8. Christina Says:

    golly goodness, what can you even say to cuteness like that?!

  9. Amy Flood Says:

    i’ll drop them off this weekend and i’ll possibly be back to pick them up!:)

  10. Maya Laurent Says:

    I love the one of both of them making a fuss in the crib!!!

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