Me and Stanley (Cup)


Well, imagine my delight this evening when I opened up my email to find a video clip of me, hard at work, at the Stanley Cup party in Newport, RI this summer. It was sent by the talented and charming Mike Cyr of Buzz Media Company, who was shooting alongside us that hot steamy day in August.

Did I mention it was hot? Like the kind of hot that makes eggs fry on the pavement? I remind you of that because it is the (poorly justified) reason for the short, airy dress I am wearing, and in (much chagrined) hindsight, I realize if there was even one person there who did not see my underwear that day, I’d like them to step forward and be counted. SIGH.

But, I probably kept cooler than most of people there, and for that I was grateful. It was a great summer party (planned by Sarah True of True Event) set to energizing steel drum music, with lots of fun people in a gorgeous location, and you can see, even in this teeny clip, how Mike captures the essence of the day.

If you want the meaningful moments of your life captured in film or video,  you’ll surely want to connect with Buzz Media Company. (And if you enjoy a view of life that is lovely and amazing, check out the delicious style sensibilities of Mike’s wife Erica, who writes the yummy Buzz Blog!)

And remember, when you watch this video, IT WAS REALLY, REALLY HOT OUT! And yes, that is a cameo by the lovely Steph Stevens of Steph Stevens Photo at the end there, for those that are paying attention.

VIDEO CLIP: Anna and the Stanley Cup

In other news, if you’re in the Pittsburgh area and watching the Liberty Sports Network this month, you’ll see some of my photos of the Stanley Cup event on a TV special they are producing on Penguins player Mark Eaton and his day with the Stanley Cup. Let me know if you see it air!


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3 Responses to “Me and Stanley (Cup)”

  1. katy Says:

    Your pervy old man readers and I watched the video hoping for a glimpse of underpants, but all I saw was a lovely dress that kept you modestly covered–practically well enough for Afghanistan!

  2. molly Says:

    you are adorable–underwear peeps and all. (not that there were any!)

  3. B. Says:

    Oscar winner, there!

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