Scenes from Halloween (and a 50 mm 1.2)

A trip to the apple orchard this morning and a midday snack (mysteriously delivered to our doorstep by one of our favorite ghouls) made for great subject material while I was experimenting with the Canon 50 mm 1.2 today–the most delicious of all lenses. Yum.


This lens is NUTS. Almost as delicious as the candy I will be eating later.


Thanks to Auntie Melissa for the wardrobe styling and Aunt Diana for the yummy witch hat cookies, complete with an M & M core—have you ever seen such a great idea?

And Halloween is just beginning, more to come! Dragon wings still under construction, and our own Curious George is climbing the walls, as usual!


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8 Responses to “Scenes from Halloween (and a 50 mm 1.2)”

  1. lucinda Wesson Says:

    Fab Anna!!! LOVE the new lens!!!

  2. Feuza Says:

    yummy indeed! can not wait to get mine, love the colors and treats

  3. Mike Says:

    I love the pics! They are just great!

  4. hgray Says:

    I’m terrified to pull out the 50mm 1.8 when shooting moving kids as I always end up with just an ear in focus.

  5. Christina Says:

    heck yeah, awesomeness! I can only image the fun f1.2 must be…I pretty much live at 1.8, even more selective focus would be truly awesome!

  6. Crystal D Says:

    Love the lens! Fun pictures.

  7. Maya Laurent Says:

    I do love my 50, Nikon though but it is yummy! Okay, you always make the coolest treats!

  8. Carrie Roseman Photography Says:

    Yay, you tried the 50 1.2! Isn’t it ridiculous? I can’t wait to own one…

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