Katryne + Kevin: Married in Rhode Island

KK_KA_Slideshow27 copy

There is hardly anything better than a fall wedding in New England, unless it is a small, intimate fall wedding in New England.


Katryne and Kevin hosted the loveliest event on October 23, and every detail echoed them, from Katryne’s signature hot pink accents everywhere (even on the guests), the black and white rocks they’ve been gathering during their courtship, the hiliarious and irrevent family and friend photos used for seating arrangements,  the game tables, the decidedly understated cake (She’s not much for frosting and he’s not much for cake. I KNOW. I think we can still be friends.) and the elegant dinner party feel they chose for their wedding.

KK_KA_Slideshow46 copy


KK_KA_Slideshow06 copy

I was so thrilled when they opted for a “first look” before the wedding—it always gives the day a more relaxed feel, and with the short days of fall, it allowed us some time for delicious photos before the ceremony. They started their day at the Providence Biltmore Hotel, a grand setting for their first look, and then the rest of the afternoon and evening was at the always stunning Roger Williams Park Casino.


KK_KA_Slideshow49 copy

KK_KA_Slideshow45 copy


To hear what this creative, original pair chose for their first dance and to see more from their beautiful day, enjoy their slide show!

Happy love, K and K!

xo, Anna


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8 Responses to “Katryne + Kevin: Married in Rhode Island”

  1. lucinda Wesson Says:

    Bravo Ms. Sawin!!! The color is phenomenal and from the looks of it..They had a great time!!

  2. Maya Laurent Says:

    You capture them so naturally, love it.

  3. Erin Says:

    Absolutely stunning; beautiful bride, beautiful wedding, beautiful pictures! Such pleasure for the eyes… I can’t wait for 10*23*2010!!

  4. Feuza Says:

    First look rocks! cant wait to see more!

  5. Aunt Lynell Says:

    Everything is absolutely beautiful! The pink shoes are my favorite part!

  6. Ashley Toma Says:

    Beautiful shots! You absoutely captured the fun and love of Katryne’s day!

  7. Melissa Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous Anna! Beautiful Bride, beautiful location, and all of it so beautifully captured by your amazing eye.

  8. Maria Says:


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