Island Farm Sessions

Family portrait season is in full effect, and when I see families tickling each other in the grass, I am always reminded just how much I LOVE these sessions.

I like to think it isn’t too painful to come and do photos with me, even if no one really wants to put on fresh clothes and comb their hair, especially on a weekend.  But once the red sweaters and new kicky boots are on, all bets are off, and most of us are picking leaves out of our hair by the end of the session

Enjoy these recent favorites from a beautiful, sunny series of sessions at Stonington’s glorious Elihu Island.


P.S. Keep the Photo Fix Photos coming! I have indeed received more than five, but I love every single one, so you might just get me to work on all of them. Or I will call my neighbor, who is much better than I am at Photoshop, and see if he is in the holiday spirit to work on a few! Deadline is December 1.


I have three December portrait sessions dates left!

Email me for available dates (, and if you catch me at a weak moment, you MIGHT even get me to promise you’ll have them in time for holiday cards.


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17 Responses to “Island Farm Sessions”

  1. B. Says:

    Nice shots, Anna!

  2. taylor Says:

    As always, just lovely.

  3. robert norman Says:

    that first shot is REALLY nice!!! great light!!

  4. Maya Laurent Says:

    Love these Anna. It’s so fun to see you take your business to the next level!

  5. Christina Says:

    Sweetness! I love the moments that you’ve captured here, and dang girl, you know how to work the light. Too many great ones to pick a fave. It’s awesome to watch your business take off!

  6. Heidi Says:

    Oh Anna, beautiful…..

  7. libound Says:

    Gorgeous work Anna, these are angels, and you just bring out their radiance!

  8. Rush Says:

    Thank you for sharing these, Anna.

  9. molly Says:

    That photo that is seventh from the top is killing me! I love it so.

    You are incredible.

  10. katherine Says:

    wisk me to CT for one of your shoots, please! LOVE ’em!

  11. Steph Says:

    Agreed!!! I’m in love with #7.

  12. Anne Says:

    The Taylors…so wonderful!

  13. Meredith Perdue Says:

    What a beautiful setting! Love each and every one!

  14. Shannon Says:

    mmm, those are so beautiful children. so precious.

  15. Beth Patterson Says:

    Really nice!

  16. Mary Says:

    Breathtaking. And selfishly looking at these just makes me even sadder our session never happened. Next year, right?

  17. True Event Says:

    WOW WOW WOW!!!! you continuously blow me away with your ability to capture such emotion and brilliant color in your photos.

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