Be merry

Love these two in their Christmas card shoot from earlier this fall. This one didn’t make the card, but is one of my favorite outtakes!

I love Christmas cards and everything about them.

I love the letters, and the sentiments. I love the photos from the first time pet or baby parents. I love the travel photos and the collages. I love the funny ones and the sappy ones and the homemade ones. LOVE the homemade ones.  I love the smart and clever sayings and naked baby photos,  I love the stamps and the chic address labels and the handwritten addresses. I love the glorious winter scenes and the birds and the ornaments and the trees and the Santas and the Madonnas.

So the fact that I have been caught up in a world full of other people’s Christmas cards for the last three weeks straight makes me feel like one of Santa’s very own elves. Being privvy to the inspirations about cards, helping to design and create them and even helping with late-night decisions has all been entirely joyful for me, because if the recipients of those cards enjoy them half as much as I enjoy getting cards from my friends, family and clients, well, then it will be all worthwhile.

It is a pure gift of joy to know that someone thought enough about you to send a card in the mail.  And isn’t that the kind of joy this season is about?

So be merry, and if you haven’t yet decided to send a holiday card, it isn’t too late.

One of my favorites from her six-month shoot–an accomplished sitter, she only tumbled over a few times!

I love these sites for cards:

PaisleePress (thanks Meg–turned several clients onto it too!)

And next year, add Anna Sawin Photography to your list of card vendors!

I’m working on my own line of cards for next year, from baby announcements to holiday cards. Stay tuned for more about that in 2010, I’m very excited.

And more on cards to come–I’ll post the results of the Anna SawinPhotography/Hank & Willie Photo Fix!


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4 Responses to “Be merry”

  1. katherine Says:

    ours is on its way to you in Connecticut – hope you like my handiwork!

  2. Leah Says:

    Agghh! That last photo is too cute!!

  3. Maria Says:

    Thank you for putting all of these sites in ONE PLACE!!!!
    And love your sentiments, which i share. Love the anticipation of opening each envelope!! I’m contemplating the letter addition this year!!

  4. sdh Says:

    cards! such an exciting development! how will be able to decide between you and maya and pat? maybe we’ll have to send out 2 sets of cards next year. you should get ours soon…

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