Hot Mama

Last week I got to spend a chilly day in NYC photographing this smoking hot mama-to-be, and what a fantastic day it was—the session was a 30th birthday gift from her best friend who joined us, and it was a great girls day of champagne, celebrating baby and beautiful bodies and an engagement the night before.

And before you ask, she’s 34 weeks pregnant, no, she isn’t wearing maternity clothes and yes, she really does look that amazing in person. Oh, and lest you think she must not eat to look this good, ask her about her chocolate and challah French toast habit!

We ended the day with a sizzling boudoir session as a celebration of her gorgeous curves. Sorry folks, the sneak peek ends here!

Happy baby, mama—can’t wait to hear your wonderful news in just a few weeks, and happy love, Meghan—congratulations! Thanks for sharing your girly day with me, ladies!


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12 Responses to “Hot Mama”

  1. Feuza Says:

    Oh la la, loved it! these are real popular in Brazil, love that is is sensual and preggie, great job my friend

  2. marie Says:

    wish i looked that good UNpregnant! WOWza, great pics!

  3. Molly Says:

    WOW. I am now even more excited for my session with you! Although let’s be honest, I won’t look that good 🙂

  4. Meghan Says:

    Nisha- you look amazing!! Anna you rock and are just as amazing. Thanks for for your time and skill set. It was a blast.

  5. libound Says:

    Gorgeous! Can’t wait to “meet” baby!

  6. AmyPunky Photography Says:

    She is gorgeous!!!

  7. B. Says:

    Nice shots Anna! Beautiful!

  8. True Event Says:

    amazing!!! Love the rooftop shots.

  9. Katie Says:

    holy gorgeousness! beautiful work Anna!

  10. Robin Dini Says:

    these are incredibly beautiful!!!

  11. Maya Laurent Says:

    Love these. The Graco one cracks me up but that last black and white is gorgeous!

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