How to Charm Me

Henry, age 3 1/2.

Tell me, “Mom, you’re the cutest thing in the whole wide world!”

Okay, Henry.

If you say so!

What a nut!


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9 Responses to “How to Charm Me”

  1. Rush Says:

  2. B. Says:

    I imagine he inherited this charm talent from his Dad…

  3. Kate Says:

    In the last picture he looks EXACTLY like Will, but the other ones he is pure Henry!

  4. Melissa Says:

    He charmed me by crawling into my sleeping bag at 7am on Sunday singing a lovely wake-up song in a soft whisper that ended with him putting his nose to mine and saying “I love you Melissa”. My heart melted on the spot.

  5. Maria Says:

    a charmer for sure…..

  6. lucinda Wesson Says:

    He’s charmed me…..He’s awesome opossum!

  7. Jess K. Says:

    Oh YUM. Love seeing his gorgeous face, can just feel those cheeks.

  8. Ashley Says:

    Gosh…I really need to meet the youngest members of the family! He certainly is a charm…ladies watch out!

  9. Shannon Says:

    I’ve been charmed, too! Watch out for this one. Mothers, protect thy daughters!!!!

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