Bride’s Connecticut, a custom wine label and a complete detour to Scrabble

This fun little feature  and accompanying image is in the spring/summer 2010 issue of Bride’s Connecticut, and was the result of a creative summer collaboration with Lucinda Wesson at Chocolate Creative Design, Sarah True at True Event and me.

The wine at Chamard Vineyard is delicious and inspiring, as is the location—a gorgeous vineyard venue for weddings and special events, with Sarah True as your coordinator. And thinking custom wine labels are just right for your vineyard event or a gift for a wine-loving friend? Call Lucinda for this custom touch!

The image is from a May 2009 wedding on Nantucket, and my creative client Antonia hand-painted these dolls as cupcake toppers. As soon as I saw them, I knew they would be perfect for ring shots as well—if you look carefully, you can see that Bill’s ring slides down around his likeness, while Antonia’s delicate band ring rests on top of her likeness, like a miniature bridal headpiece.

And yes, those are bananagram tiles, and I knew they were my perfect clients as soon as I saw them in her room.

Some people might not know my nerdy Scrabble background (who else do YOU know who has been in Real Simple magazine for playing Scrabble with friends?), and while I am not the player I once was (two children and a business will do that to you), I do offer all my booked wedding clients the chance to take $250 off their package if they can beat me at Scrabble.

P.S. I’m really not that good, but it means I actually get to play once in a while!


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5 Responses to “Bride’s Connecticut, a custom wine label and a complete detour to Scrabble”

  1. Jayne Says:

    We need a Scrabble reunion with Karen!

  2. Maria Says:

    Loved that shot the first time, and now the wine label…love it!

  3. Melissa Says:

    I had a feeling of recognition when I saw the wine label but didn’t know why – I LOVE the collaboration! Such fun!

  4. Jess K. Says:

    Dude, you are so good at Scrabble. And blogging . . . sheeee’s back! Yay, great shots!

  5. lucinda Wesson Says:

    Love the creative contest……Brilliant!

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