Sarah + Mike=married in Rhode Island (sneak peek)

Dear Sarah and Mike,

Facebook is failing me and your fans this evening! No albums to be posted tonight.

So, a sneak peek for you, and much more to come this week!




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6 Responses to “Sarah + Mike=married in Rhode Island (sneak peek)”

  1. Meredith Perdue Says:

    Anna, I cannot wait to see more of Sarah & Mike’s day. The photos you’ve shared with us already are stunning- I know the rest will be just as inspiring!

  2. libound Says:

    Wow, your photos, this radiant couple, and that fruit tart make this look like a summer wedding in Feb. – beautiful!

  3. Molly Says:

    Hey, I know that venue! 🙂 Beautiful, Anna.

  4. stephstevensphoto Says:

    Love the look of the last one. The colors are so peaceful.

  5. B Says:

    Love the beach shots!

  6. arleen Says:

    Sarah, you should wear that dress all the time. Beautiful pictures, beautiful day!

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