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Nell + Roger: Married in Mystic

March 26, 2010

Everything about Roger and Nell’s wedding was warm and funny and poignant and loving and emotional and tearful and joyous all at once. With loss in their past and the fresh promises of new things to come, their wedding day forged a foundation for a lifetime, surrounded by a glorious tribe of family and friends. And, well, I did need a tissue at the ceremony.

You wouldn’t know they are freezing, would you!

They hosted a winter wedding reception at Stonington’s beautiful Saltwater Farms Vineyard, where the stark winter beauty of the grounds was the perfect backdrop to the warmth of the celebration inside.

And what a celebration it was!

Enjoy their slide show to the lilting bossa nova sounds of “Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars,” the English version of one of their favorite songs, Corcovado.

You’ve heard something a little similar around these parts before with a little “Girl from Ipanema.”  I clearly can’t get enough of this sound!

P.S. Don’t you just LOVE Nell’s shoes? They should be in the Museum of Modern Art. Gorgeous.

Huge thanks to my associate photographers Steph Stevens of Steph Stevens Photo and Melissa Woodard for their amazing work!


Happy birthday

March 25, 2010

Just a super quick sneak peek of bright-eyed, not-quite-two-week-old Ella for her new mama, who is celebrating her birthday today.

Happy birthday, Anna–may all your wishes come true!

Actually, I think they already did.

ABCs of Las Vegas

March 17, 2010

Last week found me in a sea of more than 13,000 photographers from all over the world, descending on sin city for learning, tradeshow shopping, fun and adventure. I think it is safe to say we accomplished all those things, from amazing, inspirational talks and workshop sessions to nightclub parties and shopping sprees.

During our busy week we made time to work on a fun project—a photographic alphabet hunt, inspired by photographer and educator Kevin Kubota.  Fellow traveler and photographer Melissa and I teamed up to uncover the entire alphabet within the confines of the MGM Grand conference center and hotel. We found each and every letter–see our results below! Besides being an exercise in creativity and seeing differently, it’s a contest, too–one lucky photographer receives $1000 in prizes from Kevin’s line of software and tools for photographers. If you’d like to see all the alphabet postings and vote on your favorite (voters choose the winner!) Kevin will have them posted here on his blog.

And in honor of the prize, I used Kevin’s keyline border actions on the letters below.

Baby Brielle

March 6, 2010

Baby Brielle. Eight delicious days old.

With daddy.

And mommy.

Met this new family of three this week, and I don’t think two parents anywhere could be more smitten with their new little love. Or maybe it just seems like that with newborns, but they were so darn sweet.  Brielle behaved beautifully, and was a dream baby for this session.

As you can see, she is the product of a mixed marriage (Red Sox–mom, Yankees-dad).

She was a complete diplomat and fussed equally when wearing her Red Sox hat and her Yankees hat. Enjoy every minute, Vivian and Steve–she is a love!