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Month of multiples

April 28, 2010

When I take a look at what I’ve got in the blog queue for photos, I feel like I’m seeing double. (Or even triple, hee hee!) We visited some of our favorite twins for a grand adventure in New York City recently, then headed north to hang with our favorite triplet team in New England. And then to top it all off, we get to go to my niece and nephew’s first birthday celebration this weekend coming up, whee!

So first up are these two young men, Matt and Leo.  We had such a great visit, starting at home, then went off to NYC and the American Museum of Natural History and Central Park on a beautiful spring day. Their mom and dad have things WELL in hand, and we marveled at life with fourteen-month-old toddlers. Times two.

More on the NYC branch of our visit in part two, but a quick thanks for a WONDERFUL visit, guys! We miss you!


Baby love, times two

April 23, 2010

Jack (left) and Caroline (right). Born at 33 1/2 weeks, photographed at home at 40 weeks gestation.

Squeezed for time, yet not wanting to make this family wait even one more minute for these photos, I’m scanning through images to show them the ONE that will represent our shoot as a sneak peek, and I think well, THIS must be it.

Or this one.

Then I keep looking, and I think, THIS must be the one, the one that shows how happy their parents are to have these two home.

…and how much they were anticipated, cherished and loved so long before they arrived.

And then I found this one, which would make the most stoic person ANYWHERE spring a tear or two, and realized I couldn’t possibly limit this sneak peek to just one.

So I didn’t.

Caroline and Jack and their parents shared the same two NICUs that we did nearly four years ago, and we are in full agreement about the amazing teams our babies had, and how grateful we will always be for their expert and loving  care.

And how glad we were to take those babies home.

Congratulation, Erika and Bill! They are delightful!



Super boys

April 22, 2010

Kids around here (like Will and his visiting friend) can jump pretty high….

higher than a HOUSE, even.

This kept them occupied FOREVER!  They just love the instant gratification of digital cameras. They kept checking their progress to see how high they could fly.

Then they enjoyed the soft green grass, you know, when you get tired of jumping.

All except for my little Icarus, Henry, who was too busy building.  He spent the better part of the afternoon constructing a “flying machine” out of a plastic costume belt, a wooden toy road sign, a piece of our new wood flooring and nearly all of my Scotch tape.

Then he took it for one glorious test spin before it fell apart.

And then we welcomed our long-gone neighbors home from their ash-cloud-extended visit to England. Fresh off the plane, jumping off the rock seemed like a fine idea.

All in all, a very good spring day.

Just a note to say

April 15, 2010

Dear Erin,


…want to be like your parents. They are so sweet, and wonderful and I hope I get to 33 years and many more, just like them!

…think your sister is going to be lots of fun on October 23.  And a knockout in the dress.

…can’t wait to shoot your engagement session.

…and am so excited for your October wedding at Saltwater Farms Vineyard!

Happy weekend,



A Wedding with Justin and Mary Marantz

April 9, 2010

Details, details, details

It was a beautiful April day on the Connecticut shoreline, and I spent it with the talented Justin and Mary Marantz and their team member Julia, as well as three amazing models and a bevy of fantastic U.S. photographers.

Yep, the uneven toes in this photo completely bug me, but love the shoes and stripes, so here you go.

It was a workshop called “Walk through a wedding with Justin & Mary,” and it was truly amazing. We met at chez Marantz, admired the gorgeous new paint colors and progress on the renovation of their studio and meeting space. Then we got right down to work, starting with lots of concrete talk and information about all the on-the-fly decisions we make all day long on wedding day.  Justin guided us in shaping the light to work to our best advantage, Mary coached us through directing, posing and working with our subject, and that was all just in the “getting ready” part of the day!

Experimenting with exposure. Not perfect, but love her face in this one!

Love the flower details on this dress!

After our lovely bride Kristen and her attendant Alicia were all decked out, we took our black-clad bodies and our rolling bags and headed for the First Congregational Church in Branford, CT, where Justin shared his insight into off-camera lighting in dark churches and Mary taught us the perfect approach for efficient family portraits–no missed cocktail hours here!  After lots of hands-on practice with pocket wizards and family portraits,  we had a yummy lunch in the sunshine before we headed to our “reception” at the shoreside Guilford Yacht Club for this lovely pink-themed, J. Crew-inspired seaside wedding.

Our bride Kristen (a 2010 Justin & Mary bride) was joined by her handsome fiance Bill and they patiently worked with us as each photographer had shooting time with them. Then we headed inside for our “reception” and lots more practice with off-camera lighting for details, first dance, toast and more—Justin absolutely shone as a a teacher, explaining how to make a good image even better with just a little addition of light in the right places. Mary walked us through how she shoots bride and groom portraits after the ceremony, and her easy, breezy style kept the couple comfortable and natural. An added bonus was a brief review of our directing and posing skills afterwards from both J&M AND from our non-photographer bride & groom models who shared how it felt from their point of view.

And then, there were cupcakes by Sugarbelle. Yum.

We closed out the day with some golden-hour shooting outside on the lawn, then headed back to the studio for download, post-processing and a review of our favorite images.

It was fantastic to see what we’d all been capturing during the day, and view the day through the lens of so many different photographers, including Justin and Mary’s shots. I drove away at about 10 p.m. with all kinds of ideas racing around in my head. (Am totally going to get out the shoot-through umbrella and side-light my dinner table tonight, even just Henry’s glass of spilled milk!)

There are all kinds of workshops out there, and it’s always hard to know in advance if one is worth the price of admission, but I can tell you that it was already worth it at about the one-hour mark. Justin and Mary’s broad and practical knowledge, their sunny personalities, the concrete and practical information they shared, and their availability for one-on-one consults all day long for our individual questions made the day a super, smashing success.  And like at any workshop, it is always a bonus to meet and network with other accomplished photographers, and learn a bit from them as well, as I did yesterday. Thanks for a fantastic day, Justin and Mary and Julia, Kristen, Alicia and Bill–and all the participants!

Time to vote! ABCs of Las Vegas

April 5, 2010

I’m pleased to share that my ABCs of Las Vegas, along with 19 others, are posted over at Kevin Kubota’s blog, with full instructions on how to vote.

Take a look, there are some fabulous interpretations of the ABCs, and I’d be honored to have your vote.

Thank you!


Happy Easter

April 4, 2010

May your day be as sweet as this.

Available, with many other yummies, at Richardson’s Candy Kitchen in Deerfield, Mass.

Thanks, Easter Bunny!