Baby love, times two

Jack (left) and Caroline (right). Born at 33 1/2 weeks, photographed at home at 40 weeks gestation.

Squeezed for time, yet not wanting to make this family wait even one more minute for these photos, I’m scanning through images to show them the ONE that will represent our shoot as a sneak peek, and I think well, THIS must be it.

Or this one.

Then I keep looking, and I think, THIS must be the one, the one that shows how happy their parents are to have these two home.

…and how much they were anticipated, cherished and loved so long before they arrived.

And then I found this one, which would make the most stoic person ANYWHERE spring a tear or two, and realized I couldn’t possibly limit this sneak peek to just one.

So I didn’t.

Caroline and Jack and their parents shared the same two NICUs that we did nearly four years ago, and we are in full agreement about the amazing teams our babies had, and how grateful we will always be for their expert and loving  care.

And how glad we were to take those babies home.

Congratulation, Erika and Bill! They are delightful!




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12 Responses to “Baby love, times two”

  1. Cheryl Cronin Says:

    These are SO gorgeous!! You’ve given them such great memories of this time in their life. Great job!

  2. Eileen Broderick Says:

    These are simply incredible. Really. I felt like you as I scrolled down the page–“That one, no that one, no, wait! That one!” Perfect. Beautiful. Congrats to the family.

  3. Erika and Bill Bassett Says:

    Thank you Anna for taking such breathtaking and wonderful pictures of our little ones. We can’t stop looking at them and are so excited to see the rest.
    Thank you!
    Bill and Erika

  4. Karen Rollins Says:

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family! Congratulations Erika and Bill, I hope things are going well!!!!

  5. Marie Says:

    I got goosebumps from these- gorgeous.

  6. Sara Code-Kroll Says:

    WOW!! Incredible job, Anna. Absolutely love the hand gestures in the one with Daddy holding both babies. So precious, I could cry! And I love the joy in the image of both parents looking up at their babies. Yep, could cry again. Fabulous!

  7. Bo Rath Says:

    Such beautiful pictures. I can’t pick which is the best…just put a book together and enjoy them all! The baby “butts” bring me back to when my babies were actual “babies”

  8. Melissa Says:

    Unbelievable shots Anna! Can’t wait to hear about which ones you used lighting for. The feet, mom and dad each holding both of them – too many FABULOUS ones to choose from!

  9. Lorraine Says:

    What beautiful work, Anna! Joy to the happy family…such a miraculous outcome!
    Thanks for sharing. Your photos make my heart sing.

  10. B. Says:

    Nice shots, Anna!

  11. Jess K. Says:

    You don’t have to prompt this mommy of twins to spring the tears! Such beautiful shots of this lovely family!

  12. Linda Brailey Says:

    The pictures of Jack and Caroline are so precious. I got tears in my eyes seeing their perfect little bodies, feet, and hands. I love the pictures of the sweet babes with their parents. What a blessing those two little love bugs are to Bill and Erika. You captured all that love!

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