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The Amish Outlaws

July 28, 2010

Definitely the best band I’ve ever seen at a wedding (and I’ve been to, uh, a few.)

Possibly the most fun band I will ever see anywhere.

They played at Shay and Matt’s wedding at Essex Yacht Club in CT this weekend, and despite raging thunderstorms, absurd humidity and heat heat heat, I think EVERYONE danced. I know I did.

If you’ve seen these guys, you know what I mean. Yes, really Amish. Yes, really awesome and entertaining and fun.

If you haven’t seen them, get thee to YouTube and watch these guys take on Baby Got Back, Start Me Up, Let’s Get it On and Living On A Prayer, just for STARTERS.

They ended the night with I’ve Had the Time of My Life, for pete’s sake. I LOVED them!

Find them at a place near you, and see them. You’re welcome.



July 28, 2010

Call it a cheesy wedding metaphor if you want, but my bride Jill DEFINED sparkle for me.



Everything sparkled. Her smile. Her dress. Her shoes. Her necklace. Her eyes.

His face when he looked at her.

Her cupcakes.

And they were pretty sparkly in the lights of the photobooth, too! Stay tuned for more next week!

Happy love, Jill & Ed!

Summer silhouette

July 24, 2010

Just a sneak peek for today’s beautiful bride and groom, Shay and Matt! We had a great time at their rehearsal dinner celebration last night at the Old Lyme Beach Club, and took this quick portrait at the end of the evening.

The forecast for today is beautiful sunny skies and for LOVE–in the form of a fantastic celebration tonight at Essex Yacht Club. Can’t wait for tonight, Shay and Matt, happy wedding day!



A baby for Molly–sneak peek

July 23, 2010

Molly has been either the most patient mama ever, or she is falling asleep in her soy lattes and too besotted by her baby to bug me for photos.

And she has a reason to be too besotted, he is a LOVE! Look at those toes.

So, for Molly, and This Little Family, a few peeks until I can send the whole lot of photos to them!

Six years ago today

July 20, 2010

At the kindergarten concert.

After the concert (not a metamorphosis, just really good face paint.)

Dear Will,

I was almost willing to believe it when you turned five, with those long lanky legs barely fitting on my lap.  But it certainly doesn’t seem that another year could have gone by so quickly, meaning that you are six today.

So here we are—you a first grader to be, and me a mama for six years, as of 11:39 this morning. Recently I’ve been aghast to discover that between you and Henry, we really and truly are out of the baby stage at our house, with nary a diaper or a sippy cup to be found anywhere. But then I’ve been realizing how much fun it is becoming, and how much more fun we have ahead. We draw together, read side by side, laugh at jokes (real ones, unlike your brother who thinks potty talk is hilarious) and discuss the natural world and its processes. I marvel at your athletic prowess, get stumped by your intricate questions and figure out, along with you,  just how many gummy sharks one person can really eat. You build and create endless displays in Playmobil and Lego, you draw and sketch, you swim, you run, you race,  you write, you sing and you show no sign of ever giving up that beloved faded, once-green “thisy” or the thumb that goes with it.

You spent your kindergarten year in a gentle new school, beautifully growing and bridging the space between our beloved nursery school and the wilds of elementary school. But just like you suddenly seemed much too loud and boisterous for your nursery school at the end of last year, you have, seemingly overnight, outgrown the petite size of the Montessori school classroom materials.  I think, whether I am ready or not, you are clamoring for the start of your elementary school experience.

So off you will go this fall on a big yellow bus, you with the long lanky legs and deep brown eyes and the eyelashes that just won’t quit. You’ll carry your blue backpack and wave goodbye, ready as always for a new day and a new adventure. But despite being six today, there is no possible way you will ever be anything but my big brown-eyed baby boy.



Photos from Montessori School “round the sun” ceremony.

A baby for Molly

July 14, 2010

I loved doing a maternity shoot for my dear friend Molly, author of the popular blog, These Little Moments. [Full disclosure—the fruitful product of this pregnancy is now more than two weeks old and is a sweet delight.]

She and her hunky hubby and their shaggy fur baby, Kodiak, met up with me when Molly was just a day shy of 36 weeks, and she was the sport of all sports, changing out in the field, bringing her favorite pregnancy guilty pleasures (naughty cereals) and some favorite baby gifts, lying in the grass, you name it. I think it was worth it!

Here’s a few peeks at their collective gorgeousness:

This Little Baby is going to keep a SLIGHTLY private Internet profile, but I think I’ll be able to share some of his most delicious angles soon, like ten of the cutest toes you’ve ever seen!

Congrats to This Little Family!



You’d save this date if you got this

July 13, 2010

So updates and photos I promised, and here you are, in no particular order. Starting with my favorite wedding save the date of all time!

This was a creative collaboration like no other between my October bride, Erin [who writes a fantastic blog, Sparkle & Hay–brides and those interested in gorgeous, artistic and creative images, take note. Plus, she and her fiance are renovating a home, and it already has some amazing home inspiration, too, which I expect will grow in coming months–this is a blog to watch!], and Lucinda Wesson of Chocolate Creative Design. Neither one content to create a one-dimensional paper piece, they inspired each other to create something truly extraordinary, celebrating Erin and Dan’s vineyard wedding, their rustic chic theme, their Paris engagement, their vintage WWII airplane hangar venue (Stonington’s amazing Saltwater Farms Vineyard) and much more. I have one sitting on my shelf in my office and I love looking at it each and every day!

We were all especially tickled that Abby from Style Me Pretty decided to feature it, too!

As Abby says, “the CUTEST save the date ever, designed and crafted by Lucinda Wesson for a wedding that she’s doing with Sarah True.”

All images by Anna Sawin Photography

To see what Erin the bride says about it and the contents, go here!

And you simply HAVE to read Lucinda’s story of the collaboration here, plus her Style Me Pretty recap here!

Oh, hi. You’re still here?

July 8, 2010

Well. I cringed a little when I looked at the date on my last post, APRIL 28. I have never taken such a long, extended break from my beloved blog, but I ended up having a really full life in May and June of all good things, and I just didn’t take the time to post it.  At the same time, I’ve been considering the newest directions for this blog, which serves so many roles for me–my electronic baby book, first and foremost. Also, my preview site for photography clients and future clients. And, for those who have been reading a long time, you’ll recall that the wanna-be food writer in me found a home here, too.

Hank & Willie as we know it is going to look a little different very soon, thanks to the creative touches of Lucinda Wesson at Chocolate Creative Design, but in the meantime, I’m back and have so much to post! I have missed this so much!

Stay tuned for a million pictures coming your way shortly.