A baby for Molly

I loved doing a maternity shoot for my dear friend Molly, author of the popular blog, These Little Moments. [Full disclosure—the fruitful product of this pregnancy is now more than two weeks old and is a sweet delight.]

She and her hunky hubby and their shaggy fur baby, Kodiak, met up with me when Molly was just a day shy of 36 weeks, and she was the sport of all sports, changing out in the field, bringing her favorite pregnancy guilty pleasures (naughty cereals) and some favorite baby gifts, lying in the grass, you name it. I think it was worth it!

Here’s a few peeks at their collective gorgeousness:

This Little Baby is going to keep a SLIGHTLY private Internet profile, but I think I’ll be able to share some of his most delicious angles soon, like ten of the cutest toes you’ve ever seen!

Congrats to This Little Family!




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3 Responses to “A baby for Molly”

  1. Melissa Says:

    And where oh where did those naughty cereals show up on her?!?! Molly you were one hot 7 month pregnant Mama! You go girl! Puppy is pretty cute too. Great photos Anna!

  2. Jess Says:

    Pregnancy is just so beautiful (on everyone else!). Gorgeous shots, and family, how wonderful.

  3. B. Says:


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