The Amish Outlaws

Definitely the best band I’ve ever seen at a wedding (and I’ve been to, uh, a few.)

Possibly the most fun band I will ever see anywhere.

They played at Shay and Matt’s wedding at Essex Yacht Club in CT this weekend, and despite raging thunderstorms, absurd humidity and heat heat heat, I think EVERYONE danced. I know I did.

If you’ve seen these guys, you know what I mean. Yes, really Amish. Yes, really awesome and entertaining and fun.

If you haven’t seen them, get thee to YouTube and watch these guys take on Baby Got Back, Start Me Up, Let’s Get it On and Living On A Prayer, just for STARTERS.

They ended the night with I’ve Had the Time of My Life, for pete’s sake. I LOVED them!

Find them at a place near you, and see them. You’re welcome.


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4 Responses to “The Amish Outlaws”

  1. Alanna Bortolin Says:

    So if I ever get remarried, will they come to Central PA? They can see their brethren while they’re here….

  2. Alanna Bortolin Says:

    Nevermind, I just read that they’re FROM Central PA. Of course they’d come play!

  3. Sara from Growing Tree Photo Says:

    That shot with the bride is the best!!! It should totally be their album cover:)

  4. B. Says:


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