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The big yellow school bus!

August 30, 2010

I love the one where he rolls his eyes. Of course I would commemorate this with a sign!

So it came, and, well, he got on!

A little anxious at the bus stop.

Off he goes!

He paused for a minute while the rest of the kids got on, then after I encouraged him and moved him forward a little…he climbed on.

Thank you to the bus driver who said, “Turn around your so mom can take a picture!”

And thank you to his older friend Olivia who saw him looking for a seat on the mostly full bus, and who walked up front and gently led him back to where she was sitting.

I think he’s going to have a great day.


Not possible

August 29, 2010

Will, age 13 months, August 2005

Seems like a big yellow school bus is coming down our street tomorrow morning with plans to pick up this little fella for the first time ever.


I say not possible.

And pass the tissues.

For those of you that know him, look how clean and new his thisy is!

Still sleeping with it right now, though it lacks a certain freshness these days.

All photos by Nicki Pardo.

Kristen + Tim: married in Scituate

August 29, 2010

The day? Breathtaking. The bride and groom? Filled more with more emotion than I’ve ever witnessed at a wedding. The photographer? Cried.

More later, but just wanted to post one of my absolute favorites for this beautiful couple on their beautiful weekend.

Jill + Ed, married: a double-header of slideshows

August 19, 2010

My sparkly bride Jill needs a slideshow, because I just loved all the emotion and feeling at this day–more than just a marriage between two people, it was a merging of families. The day was as much about their children and the blending of their grown families as it was about the union of this incredible couple.

And, they also need a photobooth slide show, because they had a party out back on the terrace at the Spa at Norwich Inn, the very posh and lovely elegant site of their wedding. The guests, some of them friends from high school brought a ton of energy to this photobooth, and you’re going to LOVE it.

My FAVORITE of the day!

Jill + Ed, married

Jill + Ed, photobooth!

Happy love, Jill & Ed! I was honored to be a witness to your gorgeous day.

xo, Anna

Shay + Matt, married in Essex (Part 2)

August 19, 2010

I LOVE the photobooth. Love it.

Photobooth fun is definitely a wedding photography craze these days, but unlike selective coloring (Google it if you were lucky enough to miss that boat) this is one photography trend I’m happy to be part of. There are so many great reasons to have a photobooth experience at your wedding, whether it be a machine with strips of paper, or the full-on portrait experience that we love.

I LOVE these two, and just kept shooting while they smooched!

The best part is the unexpected images that come in every photobooth, like when Matt’s dad dipped his mom in the photobooth and went for the super smooch–I love taking ideas from the guests and making their portraits into something all their own.

I think the dipping is genetic!

Sometimes your best dancers need their own moment in the spotlight. (Click on these two for a little cha-cha.)

And just think, without a photobooth, how would you ever get such great photos of those non-dancing guests who would be sitting around eating cake if they had no photobooth?

Enjoy several hours of Matt and Shay’s photobooth squished into a quick slide show right here!

Cape Cod Cuties

August 18, 2010

More Shay and Matt coming, I promise! But as a brief intermission, we hit the beach(es) of Cape Cod last month with a quick visit with Maria, Tommy and Grace, and later on with Suey, Lulu and family. Grace turned seven months when we were there, and Tommy got his first silly bands, so it seemed like a fine reason to take out the camera.

(Click on any image to see it larger!)

Shay + Matt, married in Essex (part 1)

August 9, 2010

Shay, you are GORGEOUS.

You too, Riley. (Their pooch and flowergirl.)

Shay and Matt have one of my favorite stories of all time—she was once a patient of Matt’s, and when he (very clearly and ethically) completed her course of care with a followup phone call, he then called her back as a civilian and asked her on a date. It’s pretty darn sweet, I think!

It gets better, too—their first date fell on that big friend and family reunion night, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and Shay met most of the key players in her now expanded circle of famly and friends. Good thing it worked out so well!

The rain stopped and the sun came out! Photo by Dallas Galbreath for Anna Sawin Photography.

Their wedding day dawned hot hot hot, and by just before ceremony time, a raging thunderstorm swept through the Connecticut shoreline. With the members of the wedding party arriving by boat, and an outdoor ceremony at Essex Yacht Club, things looked pretty damp for a while. But, with a slight delay, the sun peeked through, a glorious rainbow emerged and an army of helpers rushed to dry the seats for the outdoor ceremony.

It was sunny skies for their gorgeous, waterfront ceremony with warm and tender vows, a breathtaking solo by Shay’s sister and the incredible backdrop of the late-day sun on the Connecticut River. The skies stayed clear for the tented reception to follow. (LOVED the pink lanterns!)and some amazing dancing for hours and hours.

Enjoy the slideshow of their day here, and look for part 2 of this awesome wedding later this week—a truly epic photobooth event so good it needs it’s own blog post!

Happy love, Shay & Matt!



They got engaged in a green Jeep Wrangler. This one sat on top of the cake!

Rehearsal dinner: Old Lyme Beach Club

Ceremony & Reception: Essex Yacht Club

Bridal gown: San Patrick by Pronovias from Camille Bridal

Floral: Thames River Greenery

Hair: Jesslyn Fromme

Make up: Jennifer Opeka

The bride’s custom jewelry: Olivia Engel

Band: Amish Outlaws

Photography: Anna Sawin Photography

A special thank you to my amazing guest photographer from Ohio, Dallas Galbreath!

We interrupt your summer to post…

August 3, 2010

A little adventure on Cape Cod last week resulted in more iphone photos than real photos, but I just loved this one.

More to come.

Hope you are also going crabbing barefoot on a regular basis. Safely.