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Jill + Ed, married: a double-header of slideshows

August 19, 2010

My sparkly bride Jill needs a slideshow, because I just loved all the emotion and feeling at this day–more than just a marriage between two people, it was a merging of families. The day was as much about their children and the blending of their grown families as it was about the union of this incredible couple.

And, they also need a photobooth slide show, because they had a party out back on the terrace at the Spa at Norwich Inn, the very posh and lovely elegant site of their wedding. The guests, some of them friends from high school brought a ton of energy to this photobooth, and you’re going to LOVE it.

My FAVORITE of the day!

Jill + Ed, married

Jill + Ed, photobooth!

Happy love, Jill & Ed! I was honored to be a witness to your gorgeous day.

xo, Anna


Shay + Matt, married in Essex (Part 2)

August 19, 2010

I LOVE the photobooth. Love it.

Photobooth fun is definitely a wedding photography craze these days, but unlike selective coloring (Google it if you were lucky enough to miss that boat) this is one photography trend I’m happy to be part of. There are so many great reasons to have a photobooth experience at your wedding, whether it be a machine with strips of paper, or the full-on portrait experience that we love.

I LOVE these two, and just kept shooting while they smooched!

The best part is the unexpected images that come in every photobooth, like when Matt’s dad dipped his mom in the photobooth and went for the super smooch–I love taking ideas from the guests and making their portraits into something all their own.

I think the dipping is genetic!

Sometimes your best dancers need their own moment in the spotlight. (Click on these two for a little cha-cha.)

And just think, without a photobooth, how would you ever get such great photos of those non-dancing guests who would be sitting around eating cake if they had no photobooth?

Enjoy several hours of Matt and Shay’s photobooth squished into a quick slide show right here!