Ten years

Forgive the terrible scan, we loved our wedding photos by Nicki Pardo and Tom Kates.

It’s a bright and sunny day in September today, and it isn’t too hard to envision what I was doing exactly ten years ago, nearly to the minute.

I just adore this one. He was talking to me a little while before the wedding! And no, that isn’t a circa 2000 cell phone.

I was standing at the altar, with a church full of loved ones, marrying my husband. I’m looking at those pictures right now, and I can hardly believe what babies we were!

It was a variable weather day–it dawned hot and sunny but then it turned on us, temporarily. Just as we were about to leave for the church, it poured and poured. The rain only lasted for about 30 minutes, and then afterwards, the sun came out and we enjoyed a gorgeous riverside party.

Ten years later, I can see it our day was a perfect metaphor for marriage—for the 30 or so minutes of rain we’ve had in our ten years, we’ve had hours and hours of sunshine.

Thank you so much, B, for an amazing ten years. I will be so lucky to have a lifetime more of sunny and rainy days with you. I love you to the ends of the earth.


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9 Responses to “Ten years”

  1. Amily Says:

    Love you two (+2)! Such a wonderful day! Enjoyed every minute of your bash! My most favorite part was the ceremony – so sweet and touching. Happy, happy day! xoxo

  2. Maya Laurent Says:

    Happy Anniversary!!!!

  3. Erinne Says:

    Congratulations. Happy Anniversary to you both!

  4. Sheila Says:

    Oh hooray! Just lovely. What matters more than a happy marriage and healthy children? Congratulations!

  5. B. Says:

    Love you too! Happy Anniversary. xoxo

  6. Diana Says:

    Wonderful memories and a Wonderful ten years. May the next ten be at least as good!

  7. maria Says:

    Happy Anniversary to two wonderful people, who happen to make a wonderful couple… As you wish your couples, Anna….”Happy Love”.

  8. Dallas Says:

    I think we need a slideshow!!! Ten years is a BIG deal… more pictures please. :)))

  9. Melissa Says:

    I’m with Dallas – definitely a slideshow please! Happy be-lated anniversary Anna and Brian! Hard to believe it has been 10 years since your beautiful wedding day. I love you both!

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