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Erin + Dan: Married in Stonington (a preview)

October 29, 2010

So much to love and say about this couple, this wedding, this day…..but I’ll remind myself that this is JUST a peek and I can hardly wait to debut the rest!


Happy weekend, all, and happy love, Erin and Dan!


Erin + Ed, married at The Towers in Narragansett

October 21, 2010

Oh, I just love this gorgeous, witty, brainy, funny, lovely, foodie couple, and if they didn’t live in England, I think we’d be having an awful lot of fun together.

Erin and I first met more than ten years ago, and I was delighted when she looked me up this year, from across the Atlantic, and booked me for her September wedding. They blended their American, East Coast vibe perfectly with a wonderfully English flavor (including a London cab) and it was just an incredible example of a well-thought out wedding with heart.

I had never met Erin’s Ed, but I got a great glimmer of just how well they fit together when I read over the answers to my “Getting to know you” questions.  I could paraphrase, or try to awkwardly explain what I think is so great about them, or I could just let you take a look, skipping the things that I thought were so endearing but might make them blush. 🙂

Erin regarding Ed:

“I knew it was meant to be when helping to clear up after our first meal with his parents (I had just met them). I was bringing dishes to the sink and a pretty dish with butter in it crashed to the floor. I panicked and froze, but the second it hit the floor, he said he did it.”

Ed regarding Erin:

“She’s very sort of vintage-glam. I’m just messy… I love her laugh. Specifically, I love it when I make her laugh. It’s never easy, it’s always earned.”

The two of them together:

“We’ve got this idea of marriage as a community endeavour. You know the old ‘it takes a village’ thing? Well, that’s what we’re looking for. For us, this isn’t just the two of us doing something, it’s not an individual endeavour, this wedding and marriage thing. It’s the coming together of families and friends, all of whom will have a role in nurturing and sustaining the marriage – our people, our village, our future.”

And finally when I ask what would you like for me to know about you two as a couple and your wedding day?

“That formality is the sworn enemy of fun. That Ed has the gift of certainty, and Erin the gifts of subtlety and empathy. Ed sees the world in black and white, Erin in technicolour. Strangely enough, it works. A bit like the Wizard of Oz, minus munchkins, plus Toto.”

Sigh. Can you see why I love them? Enjoy a peek at their vintage-glam-loving-smart-witty-erudite-foodie wedding, though it’s just a peek since I think there will be more than a few wedding blogs panting to publish this lovely day.

And their smashing details, like the London Tube map-seating chart. Sigh.

And Erin and Ed, you should auction off your gorgeous program and your amazing readings. Such original choices of poetry and verse, so fresh and honest and perfectly you.

I’ll leave you with an excerpt of one of their chosen readings:

I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where.

I love you straighforwardly, without complexities or pride;

so I love you beause I know no other way

than this: where I does not exist, nor you,

so close that your hand on my chest is my hand,

so close that your eyes close as I fall asleep.

from Sonnet XVII by Pablo Neruda

Happy love, Erin and Ed!



Venue: The Towers, Narragansett, RI

Floral: Flower Thyme

Music: Nancy Paolino and The Black Tie Band

Caterer: West Bay Gourmet

Cake: Ice Cream cake from Brickley’s

Makeup: Sara Faella

Hair: Allen Kapstein Salon

Bridal gown: Anne Harding Bridal Shop, Bristol, UK  by Justin Alexander

And, a giant THANK YOU to my amazing team member Steph Stevens of Steph Stevens Photo! I had to check the file data on about 100 pictures from this wedding to figure out which one of us shot it–you make it SEAMLESS, Steph!

A Roundup of Fall and Holiday Cupcakes (redux)

October 21, 2010

Note to the reader, this is a reprint from a post I did a few years ago, but Henry and I were looking online today for Halloween cupcakes, and realized that the best ones were right here! Enjoy.

Well, it happened.

Someone found me by Googling hedgehog cupcakes.

Which reminds me that was in a post about summer cupcakes, and it is high time for a roundup of fall cupcakes. Ready? Start your ovens!

(Complete recipe and decorating instructions linked to the titles.)

Pumpkin Patch

There are lots of weird, overly-orange-pumpkin-homage cupcakes out there. This isn’t one of them. I say this is pumpkin done to perfection.

Apple Cupcakes

This one is a little weird, only because I’m not sure I’m on board with red frosting. But what’s fall without an apple cupcake?

Touchdown Cupcakes

If you’re a football family, you’ll need to become a football cupcake family.

Wicked Witch Cupcakes

Halloween in general has gone off the deep end in recent years, but these are simple Halloween classics and won’t (I think) scare my children.

Hairy Daddy Longlegs Cupcakes

Cutest cupcake with least appealing name. I could have done without the word “hairy.”

Eyeball Cupcakes

How is it, exactly, that bloodshot eyes came to represent Halloween? I’m not sure how I would explain that to my kids, but these are the most beautiful bloodshot eyeball cupcakes I’ve ever seen.

Tombstone Cupcakes

Now these I love. Most delicious graveyard I’ve ever seen.

Sweet Monster Cupcakes

I was okay with the green on top, then I read something about a gooey, green pudding surprise inside. Pretty cute monster, though.

Thanksgiving Cupcakes

I won’t say no to toasted coconut!

Tiny Turkey Dinner Cupcake

Also, weirdest fall cupcake ever. Not really sure what to say here. But if someone Googles “cupcake that actually looks like a turkey dinner”  I am SO HERE FOR THEM.

And a few just for the grownups, though kids might like them, too. If you’re willing to share.

Zucchini-Ginger Cupcakes

This is suitable for breakfast in my book!

Cranberry Cupcakes with Dulce De Leche Pecan Frosting

You had me at “cranberry-flecked” cupcakes, ever before we started talking about the frosting.

Spiderweb Pumpkin Ginger Cupcakes

I’ll share the recipe for these soon (because I know you probably can’t read that one below), these are from the lovely Cupcake Deck which every cupcake lover should have. Gorgeous photos, beautiful, yummy cupcakes. Mine came this year on my birthday from a fellow cupcake lover, and I could (and probably will) make every single one in it.

Dean & Deluca Fall Cupcakes

Or just order these from Dean & Deluca.

Three each of Pumpkin with Pumpkin Cream Cheese Icing, Cinnamon with Mayan Chocolate Buttercream Frosting and Vanilla with Vanilla Frosting.

$55 for nine cupcakes plus shipping and WORTH EVERY PENNY, I AM SURE.

If someone wants to send them to me, I promise will do an exhaustive quality control check and report back.

Happy fall! And if you find a good fall cupcake photo, please share it in the comments.

Pam + Sal: married at Water’s Edge

October 15, 2010

Or maybe I should call this post, “How to endear yourself to your photographer,” because this couple surely did. Besides throwing a beautiful, sentimental wedding, our bride Pam said, “We can do whatever you want, I just want to get fantastic pictures!” And so we did–taking a delicious amount of time after their ceremony to bask in the golden sunlight down by the shore at Water’s Edge in Westbrook, CT. Pam was even willing to get wet in her wedding dress, and I know I’m glad she did!

Pam and Sal are just so loving and kind and thoughtful to each other, and once I met their families, it was clear to see where they learned it. This intimate wedding was sweet and wonderful, and I was so glad to be there.






Happy love, Pam and Sal!



After this, I looked away…

October 12, 2010

It actually worked out just fine–no one broke a leg or a neck, and we came home with more than eight different kinds of apples.

What are you making with YOUR 48 pounds of apples this week?

How to charm me

October 11, 2010

Henry, the King of Non-sequitors,  just came downstairs, twenty minutes past bedtime, to ask the following:

“Dad, what is it like when you are dead?”

“Do you come back from being dead?”

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I will put my kid up against ANYONE else’s kid for the world title in bedtime stalling.







Pumpkins + apples with Sparkle & Hay

October 9, 2010

I am so thrilled to share these images from the engagement session of these amazing client friends, Erin and Dan, and if I ever wished my new blog was ready for unveiling (not yet, this winter!), it would be now, because this blog board is just too teeny here. (Double click to see it a bit bigger.)

Sigh. Erin, you’ll just have to post the full-size versions of your favorites on your blog. I loved this session with these two, enriched by a surprise vintage car, a gorgeous day in a stunning apple orchard and even a hay maze, perfect for Miss-soon-to-be-Mrs. Sparkle and Hay!

The wonderful people at Bishop’s Orchard in Guilford, CT arranged for us to have the orchard to ourselves after hours, and we loved the sunshine and crunchy apples. Before the staff left for the day, one very thoughtful staffer moved his stunning car into the perfect position for our golden hour shoot.

And thank you, Erin and Dan—I’ve loved your sweet and sunny ways since I met you last year over pumpkin spice latte (for me and Erin) and water (for Dan). I carry a special bag from Erin and Dan all over, a suprise goody bag from this thoughtful, one-of-a-kind couple, and when I’m complimented on it, I always say, “You can meet them, too, go to Sparkle and Hay!” I can hardly wait for your wedding in just two weeks, and I know it is going to be a stunning, memorable day at Saltwater Farm Vineyard to mark the beginning of the rest of your lives together.

Happy love!




October 7, 2010

Erin and Dan, these were some of my favorites, but there are so many more from your engagement shoot that I love!

More to come…

Seaweed never goes out of style

October 2, 2010


Cape Cod, Sept., 2010

Katie + Jayson, married at the Waterview (slideshow)

October 2, 2010

Katie, come ON! You knocked it out of the park!

I met Katie and Jayson way back last winter, when Jayson was modeling for an editorial shoot designed by Lucinda Wesson of Chocolate Creative Design. She dreamed up a glorious winter wedding and brought it to life on Elihu Island in Stonington, a dreamy wedding site. Mike Cyr of Buzz Media Company was on hand with his Super 8 film and video artistry, and I photographed the big event. We were all thrilled to see in in Style Me Pretty last winter, and we were even more excited when Katie (a model herself) and Jayson chose us to for their real-life Labor Day Weekend wedding!

While I love so many pictures from this day, including Katie’s bridal portraits in the window (LOVE her gorgeous gown from The White Dress by the Shore) and the awesome shots that Steph Stevens masterminded all day long, including her brilliant shots of the groomsmen (hello, football pose? Love it!), the photo booth pictures really define the party energy we saw that day. We always have a good time doing a photo booth at a wedding, and then we met Katie and Jayson’s party people, and they made it amazing! I think I can say with authority, this group was BORN to pose in a photobooth. Enjoy their full slide show here.

Happy love, Katie and Jayson!



Venue: The Waterview, Monroe, CT

Coordinating & floral design: Heidi McDonough

Video: Mike Cyr/Buzz Media Company

Gown: The White Dress by the Shore

Bride’s earrings: Angie’s Jewelery

Brides’maids necklaces: Custom made by The Nest, Stonington

DJ & lighting: DJ Big Daddy with James Daniel Entertainment