Family sessions: Samantha and Charlie

I can’t decide which way I like this–good thing we took lots in both orientations!

This family was the last one I did in Massachusetts earlier this month–the day was chillier than predicted, gray and dark and now that we’re into November, the sun was setting in what felt like the middle of the afternoon! Charlie and Samantha turned on the sunshine with these grins, and I couldn’t have been happier with what we got–though we all would have been a little happier with some sun to warm us up!

Don’t these two have such a timeless, kids-in-a-storybook look?

You don’t even want to know what he whispered to her to get that great grin. Or, maybe you can guess if you have a four-year-old and a six-year-old in the house.

It was actually pretty inspired of Charlie to whisper potty words–parents, don’t judge if you hear me encourage it! 🙂

The light was fading on a chilly New England November day, but we got a few portraits before they headed out for dinner. Thank goodness for cameras with high ISO, photogenic kids and bright blue eyes!

Next time, a warm, sunny day, ok guys? You earned it!




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One Response to “Family sessions: Samantha and Charlie”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Beautiful photographs that are so appropriately fitting for a beautiful family inside and out! (And Jessie, I want those boots….and that skirt!).

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