Happy birthday, Will!

Will, July 2004

Will, September 2005

Will, December 2005  (Photo by Steven Taylor)

Will, June 2006

Will, July 2006

Will, November 2006

Will, July 2007

Will, May 2008

Will, March 2009

Will, September 2009

Will (and Elias), April 2010

Will, July 2011 (Long Pond)

Somehow my first born baby boy has turned into a seven-year-old boy today. I had to poke through these photos tonight—I don’t know if any parent can ever stop looking for the baby and toddler and small child that came before–I know I can barely picture that little one when I see my seven-year old swim out to the dock tonight!

The day started EARLY (this kid cannot WAIT for presents) and with Legos on the scene, all was good. (Also, tetherball, new watercolors and a few other goodies were all well received). Waffles, fresh raspberries picked yesterday and whipped cream for breakfast, Legos all morning, art camp in the afternoon and a picnic dinner at the beach with pizza, crabbing, boogie boarding and swimming to the dock made for a picture perfect day.

Will, we love your enthusiasm and spirit, your zest and energy, your artistic and athetic sides, your love of words, your long lashes and those deep brown eyes, among so many other things. We love you, baby boy–happy birthday!



2 Responses to “Happy birthday, Will!”

  1. maria Says:

    Just cannot Believe we’re celebrating his seven years….Happy Birthday Will!!!!

  2. B. Says:

    Well said…

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