Ten on Ten: August 2011

I’ve been mourning a bit the lack of kid posts here on this blog, the one that started as their electronic baby book. But until I have a new blog to debut (this fall–we had to take a breather during wedding season!), I’ve been posting client work here, and today it feels great to return to my roots and post a series of personal photos.

The inspiration for this came from a great group of women photographers. One of them—who takes the most heartstoppingly gorgeous photos of her brood—suggested this project and I am so grateful to her!

So here’s the plan: one day a month, I document life around me by taking ten photos, one roughly every hour.

On the tenth day of the month, each of us posts our ten photos, and you can follow around the circle of eight of us if you like.

Today I’m linking to Carrie of Carrie Hill Photography, and you will absolutely adore the soulful moments she captured.

So, without further buildup, my Ten on Ten for August 2011.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

On the date I chose for my ten on ten, we had the boys’ best girlfriends over for a sleepover the night before.

I came downstairs on a rainy Sunday morning to find the four of them quietly giggling, drawing and reading. We all needed a rainy day to take a break on this beautiful summer!

The dreaded Augmentin. Will showed me his finger one day last week saying, “Mom, I think I sprained my wrist.” A small, swollen cut, oozing with pus at the tip of his finger was enhanced by a faint red line trailing up into his arm.

A quick trip to the pediatrician resulted in powerful and awful-tasting doses of this goop. He’s almost done. (Culture revealed strep group A infection. Thank goodness for modern medicine!)

Sorry the photo is so small, but it features “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” playing on my MacBook. Will, Henry, and their overnight guests Olivia and Gabby are all gaga for Harry. You wouldn’t believe how quiet four children can be when they are listening to Harry Potter audio book reader Jim Dale.

“Mom! Watch! I am blowing air into my ears!”

The rain still falling, this crew took every toy in the house, spread them out on blankets, couches and chairs in the living room, and had a sale.

Books were “20:50” each, camping gear was $1.50 a piece or $30 for all five pieces and the game of Perfection was $80. Legos and Playmobil had their own price points, and some, of course, were spesl.

Henry has had enough of the rain by now.

Finally! The rain stops. Naturally, my two and their neighbor decide to wash rocks to celebrate.

An hour later I found them over at the neighbor’s house, washing their bikes and singing one stanza from Katy Perry’s “Fireworks” OVER AND OVER.

Hydrangeas in bloom.

Pool time! Made extra special to have a swim with visiting cousin Justin, pictured on right.

After staying up til nearly 10 on the sleepover, these toes and the five-year-old body attached to it were out cold. Good night!


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7 Responses to “Ten on Ten: August 2011”

  1. Nicki Griffith Says:

    Ahh! I LOVE these! The legos…the dinosaurs…the swimming…it’s so ‘real life’ and of course you make it look so beautiful. I love the foot shot and the Augmentin…it’s funny how something small like an antibiotic is such a big part of your life for 10 days, huh? Beautiful photos, as always. Can’t wait to see next months!

  2. Carrie Hill Says:

    My favorite is Henry under the table. What a perfect expression capturing how slowly the day seems when you’re a child stuck inside in the rain. Brings back so many memories. I tweeted and will restate here – I want to take a workshop led by you!

  3. lizahall Says:

    love your water filled day! love henry blowing into his ears, the perspective is fantastic! and the under the table shot is classic, i agree with carrie! the action shot jumping into the pool is so great! loved seeing your gang on this day, thanks for sharing!

  4. Kate Says:

    Hurrah! I miss Hank and Willie posts! More please more? Not that your client ones aren’t lovely, but I love to see my nephews more often!!

  5. Amy Says:

    These are great! I am so glad that we are doing this project and we can see a glimpse into your life and day! Looks like my normal days and life with two boys. Love them all!

  6. Melissa Says:

    Ok first, how excited is Auntie Melissa that the boys are into Harry Potter?! I see some Harry Potter leggos in their future! Love the rainy day, the very creative toy sale, and the pure joy when they were set free! Love you, the boys, and the way you see and share the world through your lens.

  7. Jenn Duguay Says:

    These are fantastic! I love, love, love the pool shot! Sounds like a busy and fun filled day!

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