Ten on Ten: October 2011

 I continue to love this ten on ten project–-a passionate group of ten lovely and amazing photographers from the United States and Canada taking ten images, one hour apart on one day out of the month, documenting life as it happens around them. On the tenth of every month, we post our ten images, and if you follow our links, you’ll make it around the whole circle of ten. Enjoy.

This month I’m linking to a friend from the north: Jenn Duguay. Enjoy her view of the world!

October 10, 2011, Mount Desert Island, Maine (with a side trip to Islesford, Maine)

High temperature: 80 degrees

Morning, and one of my favorite outdoor showers anywhere. Nestled in a pine grove, it was handmade, and is one of my favorite parts of our friends’ house.

Henry foraged for the last few cherry tomatoes before breakfast, and then ate them.

On Somes Sound, on the way to Islesford (Little Cranberry Island).

A perfect day at the beach for Henry includes finding at least one piece of rusty metal. He hit the jackpot at this spot!

Have you ever seen such a sweet little sea star? It was stuck on the dock, like a little craft project.

Yes, the sky was really that color.

Homeward bound.

Somes Sound. Water temperature in August? Probably not above 60 degrees. In October? Brrrr!

Found some slightly warmer water an hour later at Long Pond. Air temp, 80 degrees.

Time for dinner and dessert.

P.S. Don’t hate me—my life isn’t nearly this idyllic! I picked a blissful vacation day with good friends in a beautiful place to document my ten on ten. Maybe next month I will show you the laundry pile after this trip!


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6 Responses to “Ten on Ten: October 2011”

  1. Nicki Griffith Says:

    my jaw is on the floor! unbelievable! I can’t even decide which is my favorite. Your boys are so darling. I.can’t.wait.for.my.visit!!!
    these images are so perfect. bravo.

  2. Melissa Says:

    Love the water spray shot! And the ones of the boys jumping! And Henry on the boat! But what I love best, is that your photos truly capture a very magical heartwarming place indeed! Welcome home…I’m sure it is a little bittersweet.

  3. Jayne I Says:

    You make this look so effortless, and I know it isn’t!

  4. lucinda Wesson Says:

    I am soo jealous!! Absolutely fantastic!!! You are so right about Henry and his collection of rusty metal things…last one I saw was the rusty old chain at the Island….

  5. Amy Says:

    Incredibly awesome! There is nothing better than a day in Maine to do your ten on ten on. I had a super hard time after that month. These are all fantastic. So excited to feel like we experienced a little bit of your trip with you!

  6. Mary Marantz Says:

    Oooh I love this idea!! And I love you….so it makes for the perfect storm of awesome!


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