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December 2011: Ten on Ten

December 10, 2011

As you can see, I’m not posting here much anymore–cannot wait for a new blog in 2012, finally! But I keep it around for this fun and lovely project of mine with 9 other fun and lovely photographers.

I took my ten on ten today, December 1o, 2011.

I originally planned on doing it via iPhone and kind of instagramming the look but—I wanted my real camera at the tree farm, so I cropped everything square and you have a faux iPhoneography look. All taken on the Mark II 5D with the exception of image #1.

Please follow around our circle! This month, I link to Jenn Duguay of Alberta, Canada, home of always stunning images!

First hard frost of the season. Skim ice on the cove.

Purple kale.

This naughty boy was sitting on the naughty step. I told him I had seen an elf earlier that morning. He’s looking out the window for it.

Hot chocolate at the Christmas tree farm.

Henry practicing his sawing.

Home again, with the perfect tree.

Imperfect focus, perfect eyelashes!

The amazing gingerbread party at our neighbor’s house. Each one baked from scratch at home.

The frosting is made, the guests have arrived, let the decorating begin!

Our final product. Henry wants to eat it now.